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Lunches made and full bellies from breakfast = a happy group of Year 5s



Trapped! After breakfast, we went back to look at the traps we had set last night. We were very pleased to see that so many of our traps had been activated. 

This is what they look like once activated. 


Very gently, Kirsty (our Flatford teacher) emptied the traps into a bag to see what creatures may be inside. 
Ennion group managed to catch 3 voles whilst Bingley group managed to catch 5 voles and a mouse. 

The Great Escape!

Still image for this video
Lyla and Brooke’s vole managed to escape before we could get it in the bag. Kirsty (our Flatford teacher) also said that Abbie had a ninja mouse as food had been eaten and poo left behind but it had escaped!

Bingley had great success checking their mammal traps on the island!

Daisy and Jess caught a vole called Chucky. 

Sophie caught a vole called Cheesy!

Adele and Jorja caught a vole called Star.

Jack F and Freddie caught a vole called Gigachad! 

Shania, Summer and Amelia T caught a vole called Potato!

Millie O and Olivia caught a vole called Jem.


Ennion were also successful at trapping in front of Valley Farm.
Freddie C and Jack P caught a vole called Uncle Dave. 

Lyla and Brooke caught a vole called Stuart. 
Mason and Dylan caught a vole called Dave. 
Abbie caught something (as we saw poo in the trap and bite marks) but it had escaped before we came back to the traps. 


John Constable Treasure Trail

After learning about Georgian times, Bingley group went on a treasure trail around Flatford Mill. 

If they got the question right, they received a prop for their role play. Now to begin the drama....

John Constable Role Play - Bingley


After finding their props, each group re-enacted a part of Constable's life. All the children worked enthusiastically the and final performances were brilliant! 


The next activity was sketching the Haywain. It feels very special to be sat in the very place John Constable was hundreds of years ago!

This morning, Ennion group went for a walk to East Bergholt. We visited various locations around the village, answering questions for our quiz and spotting key locations linked to John Constable. 
We learnt that young boys were often used in workshops to help carry items around. Luckily, we timed it just right and the baker invited us into his bakery and allowed us to hold a bag of flour. 

On the return to Flatford Mill, we had to walk through the field and along the river. Little did we know, the field at the end of our walk was rather wet. After much investigation and toe-dipping, Mrs Shambrook and Jo (one of the other Flatford tutors) found the best route. The children had an amazing time wading through water in their wellies - some even managed to get water in their wellies! 

Sienna S - this is a super adventure. Teachers don’t normally let us do this. 
Banji - my shoes are really wet

Dani - I enjoyed it. On the last puddle, I helped a friend get over the big puddle 

Abbie - it was like it was one big river and it was great. We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it, we couldn’t go around it soooo we had to go through it. 

Emptying our wellies after wading through the streams

Still image for this video

Here is the route we took around East Bergholt. Can you spot where we did an extra loop to try and find the shallowest patch of watery grass to cross?

This afternoon, Ennion group took on the role of explorers and found various props around Flatford. However, to get each prop, they had to get the answer to a question correct. The questions ranged from discovering footprints to unscrambling letters. 


After finding all their props, they acted out a scene from Constable’s life. Here are some photos of their plays. 

Zara - I loved throwing my ruler around whilst playing the strict head teacher

Harry D - I enjoyed playing the part of Golding in the acting

Following in Constable’s footsteps, Ennion group had a chance to sit and relax this afternoon whilst sketching the scene in front of them. They also discussed what they think may have changed since Constable’s time too. 

Sketching the Hay Wain

Whilst Ennion were busy sketching, Bingley group went off on their walk to East Bergholt. They managed to locate all the key places and even managed to take a look inside the church.



This evening, everyone joined together again for our campfire. We sung a range of ‘repeat after me’ songs, shared riddles and enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate. 

Do you know the answers to any of these? (Answers below pictures)


1. What letter is also a word? (Multiple options)
2. What gets wetter the more it dries? 
3. What has a face but no mouth, and hands but no body?


Riddle answers

1. B (be, bee); C (see, sea); I (I); Q (queue, cue); R (are); T (tea, tee)

2. a towel

3. A clock