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Intent, Implementation, and Impact Statement for Design Technology at White Court School


At White Court School, our intent for Design Technology is to provide a high-quality education that inspires and equips our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to become innovators, problem solvers, and confident users of technology. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love for creativity, develop practical skills, and nurture a passion for design thinking.

Our design technology curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum and encompasses the essential knowledge, concepts, and processes relevant to Design Technology. It aims to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all our pupils, enabling them to develop into independent and critical thinkers who can apply these skills across various contexts.



Our Design Technology curriculum is carefully planned and well-sequenced to ensure progressive learning and clear progression of skills. We follow the Chris Quigley scheme which incorporates the four key aspects of the National Curriculum: designing, making, evaluating, and technical knowledge. Our curriculum is also inclusive and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.

We encourage interdisciplinary learning by integrating Design Technology with other subjects to create meaningful connections. For example, we link Design Technology with science to explore the principles behind the structures and mechanisms used in real-world applications. We also integrate it with mathematics to develop the mathematical understanding required for accurate measurements and scaling in design projects.

Our curriculum features a wide range of practical and engaging projects that allow pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life contexts. These projects are carefully designed to ignite pupils' curiosity, promote problem-solving skills, and encourage creativity. Working individually and collaboratively, pupils are given the opportunity to design and make prototypes, learn from mistakes, and refine their designs based on evaluative feedback.

We prioritise the safety of our pupils during Design Technology lessons. Our staff members are trained in appropriate safety practices, and we provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure pupils are equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding to work safely with tools, equipment, and materials. We also encourage pupils to identify and manage risks, promoting responsible behaviour and decision-making.



Through our well-structured curriculum and effective teaching, pupils at White Court School make excellent progress in Design Technology. Their attainment is regularly assessed and monitored to track their individual progress. This allows us to provide targeted support for those who require it and to challenge and extend the learning of those who are working at a greater depth.

Our Design Technology provision ensures that pupils are actively engaged and enjoy their learning experiences. Opportunities for creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on activities lead to high levels of motivation and enthusiasm. Pupil voice is highly valued, and we actively seek feedback from our pupils to further enhance and refine our provision.

Design Technology at White Court School enriches pupils' cultural capital by exposing them to a range of design influences, local designers, and inspiring design-related visits and experiences. We believe in connecting learning to real-life contexts, enabling pupils to appreciate the impact of design on their lives and the wider world. This knowledge and exposure help to broaden pupils' horizons and provide them with a deeper understanding of the importance of design in society.

Our outstanding Design Technology provision contributes to developing pupils' aspirations and awareness of future career pathways. By nurturing their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and technological literacy, we prepare pupils to be confident users of design and technology, opening doors to a wide range of careers and educational opportunities. We actively explore links with further education providers and industry professionals to enhance pupils' understanding of future possibilities.