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Art and Design Technology Strategy


At White Court School we believe that every child is an artist and therefore Art and Design Technology should be inclusive and allow every child to succeed. Our Art and Design Technology curriculum has been tailored to ensure that the National Curriculum is being delivered appropriately to engage all students in their learning, as well as allowing for the progression of knowledge and skills and a cross-curricular approach where appropriate.



In order to successfully implement our Art and Design Technology curriculum at White Court School our teachers must have an excellent understanding of the curriculum and the skills being taught. We ensure we adopt a flexible teaching approach which allows for interpretation in order to meet the needs of all our pupils and makes use of cross-curricular links. We have spent time carefully cultivating a unique curriculum for White Court School that allows pupils to acquire knowledge of the subject but also develop the skills needed to be successful in it. Our progression document ensures that all pupils are being challenged in their learning and are able to deepen their understanding and develop their skills as they journey through the school. Sketchbooks are used in Years 2-6 and will journey with the child as they go through the school, allowing them to track their own learning and use skills taught previously in new learning. Teachers plan for Art and Design Technology using the progression map created specifically for our school, this gives them the key knowledge and skills that needs to be taught but allows them the freedom to teach it following their children’s interests or topics being taught. This makes our curriculum unique for the children at White Court School.



In order to measure the impact that we have on our pupils at White Court School we enable children to have a good understanding of why they would use a skill or method and be able to apply this skill to different projects. This then builds and encourages confidence in our children’s ability and emphasises the skill being taught rather than precision. We measure this impact through pupil observations, conversations and assessments. The impact of the Art and Design Technology curriculum will be closely monitored and evaluated through pupil’s progress and feedback from teachers.


We measure the impact of our curriculum using the following methods:

  • Marking of written work in books,
  • Verbal or post it note feedback in Sketchbooks or works of Art,
  • Asking pupils about their learning,
  • Discussion with staff and opportunities for CPD,
  • Images of practical work and workshops,
  • Summative assessment of skills taught,
  • Book looks and learning works,
  • Feedback and monitoring,
  • Lesson visits.


Art and Design Technology should be used to teach pupils how to think critically, giving them the knowledge and skills to be able to experiment without fear. As well as the ability to problem-solve and take calculated risks. This should all be done safely with the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher.