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Handwriting at White Court

At White Court, we teach our children to write in a cursive style. Research suggests this will not only help with their handwriting, but also their spelling and progress in writing.   We firmly believe this will benefit all of our children throughout the different stages of writing, whether they are learning to form letters, learning to join, or completing extended pieces of writing further up the school. Every letter starts from the line, and all letters are joined (except capitals).

  • Foundation Stage will not be taught be taught the lead in but will be taught to form letters with a lead out.
  • Year 1 will be taught to form letters with a lead in (whoosh) and lead out and may naturally try to join their letters.
  • Joining will be officially introduced during Year 2.
  • From the beginning of Year 3, all children will join their letters and handwriting pens will start to be introduced.

To see the cursive handwriting style at White Court School please see below.


Thank you in advance for supporting us in this style of handwriting.

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