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Wednesday 12th June

07:15 Another good night’s sleep from everyone.  *
Lots of exciting activities today including the Zipwire and Leap of Faith! 
Breakfast today is at 7:55, same as yesterday but it’s sausages instead of bacon! 
Forecast is mixed again so fingers crossed it remains dry. 
* Just for clarity, when I say ‘good’, I mean ‘residential good’, not ‘own bed and pillow good’… 

Room pictures!

...and the girls!

Mr Pryke’s group on the zipwire:

Mrs Baker’s group getting ready for the leap of faith:

Mr Pruce’s group about to abseil:

Ladies and gentleman, I give you... the Leap of Faith!

Bushcraft with Miss Castleman’s group:

Zipwire with Miss Bird’s group:

14:05 Lunch is done. Hotdogs or fishcakes were the main options.  
Some more high rope activities and bushcraft this afternoon.  

So far the level of effort with all the high rope activities has been absolutely superb along with the encouragement they are all giving each other. 

Mr Pryke’s group having a breather:

Mrs Baker’s group:

...and the others!


18:11 They’re still going strong! Absolutely smashing the week!! 

Burgers tonight…..

20:16 The start of the campfire!

All having a good singalong. 
They’re having a great time!! 

22:29 Seriously. Getting 77 children through the showers… 

I wouldn’t recommend it. 
It’s done though. Move on. 

Another very successful day all round. 
Tomorrow we head to the beach in the afternoon for a bit of rock pooling.  

Spirits are still very high! Children are doing themselves proud.