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At White Court School, we recognise and value the importance of scientific enquiry for pupils during their learning journey with us. We aim to encourage all children to be curious learners and ask questions about the world around them, promoting a love of learning, where no child is left behind. We do this by providing a fun, practical and high-quality curriculum, which engages and inspires the future generation to excel in Science.  

Our progressive curriculum focuses on scientific enquiry and investigation, allowing children to develop skills, using a systematic approach to successfully conduct investigations and be able to explain concepts, whilst confidently using scientific vocabulary and asking key questions in order to extend learning.   


The acquisition of key scientific knowledge is a fundamental part of each science lesson. Children are to learn and retain important and useful scientific terminology, relevant to each unit. Skills for working scientifically are developed through our progressive curriculum coverage.  

 Our strategy is to not leave any child behind by ensuring that all lessons are differentiated to support all needs and abilities. Children are encouraged to ask questions and are given opportunities to use their scientific skills and research to discover the answers. Teaching allows misconceptions to be addressed and challenged in order to ensure progression. We utilise additional opportunities to promote scientific enquiry by providing Science clubs and whole school Science week. 


As a result of our science teaching, the children will:

  • Be engaged and enthusiastic in lessons
  • Be confident to ask questions and talk about their learning, making connections with their own experiences, prior learning and the wider world
  • Have the skills to measure and record their findings
  • Display their learning by sharing their observations and results, draw diagrams and record investigations in a systematic way
  • Differentiation through questioning and resources available, including support for English and Mathematical needs
  • Make good progress