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Aspiration Week

‘If our children don't have aspirations, they don't have anything to bother working towards....’


Research has shown that if children have an idea of what they would like to do from a young age, then they are more likely to try hard in school to achieve this goal. At White Court, we believe it is very important to inspire our children and expose them to a wide range of opportunities, which will in turn encourage them to work hard to achieve their dreams. 


During the week beginning 23rd May, we have arranged for lots of guest speakers from a wide range of professions to come in and speak to the children. The children could choose which talks interested them the most and find out more information. 


Monday 23rd May

Today we were lucky to be visited by a wide range of guest speakers! Both the children and adults were fascinated by the information they heard. Keep checking back to see photos of the talks and quotes from the children. 


Special thanks to our guests:

James Draper - Police Officer

Diane Neave - Rascals Theatre School                          

Doctor Agarwal - Little Waltham Gt Notley Surgery

Georgia Burrell - Family Solicitor                                     

Christian Frimpong - Footballer

Natalie Chalk - Dental Nurse                                          

Jonathan Young, Hayleigh Broadway and Ester the Labrador - Apollo Vets

Lisa Smedley - Horse Riding Instructor

Doctor Towers


Wednesday 25th May

It was another busy day at White Court as part of Aspiration Week. We had lots more guest speakers from a wide variety of professions. 


Big thanks to:

Sam McGee and Rob Ely - Head Chef and proprieter of Chophouse 

Sam Cottrill - Colour Wheel Nursery

Claire Eyre - Midwife

Mark Gardner - Independent Financial Advisor

Stuart Geddes - Pilot

Jared Tinslay - Match Magazine Editor                             

Tony Fawcett - TJ Evers Building Company 

Tina Williams - Spring Lodge Vets

Andrea Adams - Firefighter

Stacie Williams - Police Officer

Sarah Tiley-Walker - Hairdresser

Chloe Latta - Police Officer


Friday 27th May

Our final Aspiration Week guest speaker was Amie Whitaker, ex pupil and founder of Dance Exclusive. The children enjoyed finding out Amie's story. Thank you for your visit!

Quotes from the children:

Stage School – Seb

Today we learnt that being on stage is not all about winning awards but about doing what is important to you and have fun doing it. Diane was really passionate about stage school and loved it her whole life. It gives confidence for everyone who takes part.

Police – Edward

I really found the Police talk interesting. We learnt there are lots of different jobs in Essex Police and every day is different for a Police Officer. I would like to be in the Police because it would help me understand life more and I could help other people in difficult situations.

Football – Ryan

I learnt that you have to look after your body to play at a high level. You have to work hard at school as it’s a difficult job and you need qualifications if you can’t play.

Solicitor – Poppy

To become a family solicitor, you have to do GCSEs and have a degree in law. Family Solicitors help families with the law. You have to wear a wig and dress in dark clothes when you go to court. There are lots of different parts to the law so solicitors and particular jobs in each part.

Doctor – Jamie

Doctors help people in desperate situations like if someone broke a bone or had a bad illness. It is a challenging job. You need to go to medical school so you have to get good grades to go to University.

Firefighter - Ronnie

You have to do lots exercise to stay healthy so you can put the fire out.

Firefighter - Sienna

You must always have a smoke alarm and get out of the house if you hear it

Football Magazine Editor - Alfie 

It was a very interesting and exciting job because you plan for what you write about, proof-read it and then publish it so everyone would see your work. It takes about two weeks. You also get to go to football matches and interview the players.

Financial Advisor - Elliott 

To be a financial advisor you have to take many GCSEs and then A Levels. Being a financial advisor helps people plan for things they dream of.

Chop House Chef - Eva

Being a chef is fiddly work. If you are the boss, you work when you wake up and stop when you sleep. You make everything from scratch.  If one meal is wrong, you have to throw it away so its important to do things right.

Nursery Owner - Lexi

Being a nursery teacher is hard work! To my surprise, the children's favourite food is sardines on toast! They go outside whatever the weather. Did you know that teaching nursery children is one of the most important stages of education?

Vet - Lewis 

We learnt about helping animals and the signs we need to look out for to see what’s wrong. You need a really good education to be a vet and you have to work with people and families as well as animals.

Pilot - Jayden

The talk was really enjoyable. He has worked for the British Airways for 25 years. You get to travel all over Europe and a bit of northern Africa. Other pilots travel other parts of the world.

Construction - Eva 

I learnt a lot of building ideas and what the big fan on the Year 6 building does. Instead of using gas, its uses air and heats and cools it. 

Midwife - Megan

I learnt a lot by listening to a midwife. We got to see a pregnant woman and Miss Stead’s baby. We got to see the tools a midwife uses and a demonstration of a midwife in action. I really enjoyed it.