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And that is Day 2 complete for the second half of Year 5! The children have just had a very entertaining camp fire, singing songs, playing games and drinking hot chocolate! They have packed a lot of activities in today so I much needed sleep is definitely on the card! I think we may need to wake the children up in the morning! Night night from Flatford. 

Edwards Group enjoying the time to recreate John Constables Hay Wain painting.

Year 5 had a fantastic walk to East Bergholt this afternoon! They got to see the site of John Constables childhood home. Both groups got to explore the village and see some of the buildings and shops that would have been around in Georgian times.

After their role play of the life of Constable, Bingley group are relaxing by the Mill Pond. They are sketching their own version of the famous Haywain.


Edwards Group discovering and acting out hidden histories

The next activity for Bingley group was a Historical Treasure Hunt. The groups had to solve clues around the Mill site to 'win' props for the next activity...

Edwards Group loved mammal trapping this morning even though they didn’t catch anything. They still got to learn and see the small mammals characteristics and how they use them to hunt and survive. 

Mouse release

Still image for this video

Bingley group are opening their mammal traps - this is incredibly exciting!

Fleur and Ellena have caught a vole and Rosie Lee and Lily caught a mouse! 

Good morning from a beautiful Flatford. The children all had a very good nights sleep and are currently having a delicious energy filled breakfast! First activity will be to check the mammal traps set out last night, fingers crossed we have caught something! 

Harrison - I liked chatting with my friends and had a good nights sleep. 
Lexi - it was fun to be with our friends at night. 
Elena - I was quite nervous but it was really exciting and I slept well.