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This week we are looking at inverted commas as part of our Newspaper unit so that we can collect quotes to use in our journalistic writing. We have also begun to look at converting measures including cm, m, mm and km. This is one of the method's we have used in class. 

Last term we started looking at Greek pottery as part of our Art and D.T. work. As part of this unit of work we sketched pottery, designed our own pots and then used clay to make our own. This term we have continued to work on our pots by decorating them and then evaluating them, thinking about areas of success and areas of improvement. We think you will agree, they look fantastic! 

This Term we have been continuing to read our class Book, The Imagination Box. So far we have met the Professor (who is the inventor of The Imagination Box) and Time (the boy who manages to get the Professor's invention working. Oh, and Phil...Tim's finger-sized monkey!!