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Jubilee cake

Our Jubilee cake

W/C 23.5.22

Aspiration week

This week the children have been taking part in aspiration talks and watching some inspirational videos from famous singer and sports people. The children really enjoyed listening to the guest speakers at school and got to as lots of great questions.



This week we have been completing our Jack and the Beanstalk writing and have also been producing a written piece of work for aspiration week. The children wrote about what they would like to be when they are older and what skills they think they will need to achieve this. 



This week we completed our fractions work by moving from halving to learning about quaters. 



This week we have looked at the work of David Hockney and have recreated his famous Sunflower picture using lot of bright colours and textures. 


Jubilee celebrations

This week the children have really enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. They have taken part in various activities which have included: colouring bunting, drawing pictures of the Queen, colouring pebbles, making crowns and making a special Jubilee cake. The children have really enjoyed the celebrations and lobed eating the cake. 

W/C 16.5.22


This week, we have been looking at fractions. We looked at finding half and learnt that you will have two equal parts if you cut something in half. To show this we cut a cake in half to share with our partner. We got to eat the cake too so we were very accurate with our cutting! We practised halving numbers by sharing counters into two equal parts.



In Art, we loved working in the style of Ellie Roden. We used the flowers that we pressed at home to create beautiful flower collages. 



We have been looking at the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have sequenced events and answered questions about the story. We have also looked at plurals. We learnt that plural means more than one. We looked at the rules for adding s and es to nouns.

Maths work using lady birds and counters to practice halving

Maths working on doubles and grouping

Art, drawing our flowers based on Ellie Roden

Making coleslaw

W/C 09.5.22


We have been writing instructions for brushing our teeth and for our cress diaries. We have looked at editing our work using the class toolkit and could identify our mistakes to improve our work. 



We have been looking at doubling and grouping objects this week. We have used a variety of practical resources such as counters, dice, ladybirds and counters.



We started to look at the work of Ellie Roden and David Hockney and what we like and do not like about their art. We discussed how the art was similar and different. We then used whiteboards to practice drawing our own flowers, based on their  work and then drew them on paper to take home. 



Our cress has finished growing and we completed our cress diaries. We harvested our cress to use in our coleslaw. The children made their own coleslaw using cabbage, carrots, apples and their cress. 

Seahorses' Learning Journey

WC 25.4.22



We have continued to look at Mabel's Magical Garden this week. We have written about each part of the story and tried really hard to include adjectives and conjunctions to improve our writing.


In Maths, we have be looking at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have learnt the when we count in 2s the numbers are all even, when you count in 5s the numbers end in 5 or 0 and when you count in 10s they all end in 0.

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Our topic this term is plants. This week, we have identified the different parts of plants  (which we were very good at) and learnt about the function of each part.


This week in History we have been learning about significant women from the past. We learnt how to use pictures from the past to gather evidence and make predictions about who they are and why they may be significant. We then looked at  Amelia Earheart and learnt that she was the first women pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. We made our own posters about her life.

WC 18.4.22


This week we have been looking at the story Mabel's Magical Garden by Paula Metcalf. We have read the story, sequenced it and answered questions to ensure that we understand it. Next week we will be writing about the story.

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In Maths, we have been investigating capacity. We enjoyed filling cups with water and filling them with different amounts. We used the words, full, almost full, almost empty and empty to describe the capacity. We also made comparisons saying which container has more or less.