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Summer Term

Rainforest Dioramas

We had lots of fun designing and making a diorama to show what we have learnt about rainforests. Some of our parents and grandparents came in to help us. We used shoeboxes and a range of collage materials. We thought carefully about how the layers linked together. 


Making the dioramas

Our Finished Dioramas

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

We had fun wearing red, white and blue, decorating biscuits and learning about the Queen, her family and her reign. We sequenced key events, created our own artwork, decorated biscuits and painted pebbles. Once the pebbles are protected with a waterproof coating look out for them around the school grounds. We went out on the field and completed different games and we even ate cake. 

Decorating biscuits

Our pebbles

Some of our artwork