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Summer 1


This half term we have been learning all about what makes a good dip and what makes a good dipper. We have tasted lots of different dips to see what we like the taste of, what the texture is like and the aroma. We then designed, made and evaluated our dips. It was lots of fun and we got to try something new! It was slightly tricky working in a group to design our dips as we had to find ingredients we all liked.


WALA: the events of the Titanic.

In History this week we have been using our knowledge of the Titanic and re-enacting some of the events that took place. 


Can you guess which picture matches which scenario?

Science Week -09.05.22


This week we are celebrating Science week. The whole school have had an assembly learning all about climate change. Then we got to do a workshop looking at how we can help to reduce our transport. We had a go at creating lots of different types of transport using our bodies and answered questions on ways to help the planet by walking, cycling or using public transport. 


It was lots of fun! 

Our Science Experiments!!!


This week for our TOPs time we have been conducting science experiments. So far we have put an egg in vinegar and predicted what we think might happen. Then we have added Mentos to coke to watched the reaction. We have added water to skittles and experimented with which fruits float and which sink.

Here are some photos and videos of our experiments. 

Mentos and Coke Experiment

Still image for this video

Skittle Experiment

Still image for this video

Our Predictions 

Egg will explode

Shell is going to come off

Might crack

If you leave it over night, it might get bouncy – I’ve seen something before

Turn squishy


Shell come off – egg will be solid like a boiled egg

Shell will crack open, egg will float up and explode

The yoke will rise to the top, and the white will sink.


Still image for this video

History - John Ray

We have been learning all about John Ray and why he is a significant person from our local area.

Who was John Ray? Where did he live? What did he do during his life? 


The children have been talking about lots of different types of touching e.g. high five, holding hands, fist bump, comfort shoulder, hugs, kiss. They discussed some they like and some they don't like, how some are acceptable and some are unacceptable. We have talked about how it is OK to speak up when we feel uncomfortable.

Friday 6th May 

We have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Last week we collaged fruit versions of ourselves and this week we have experimented with printing to recreate a famous piece of art.