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Twilight Walk
Year 5 have spent the evening on their twilight walk and playing games that allow you to use different senses. The children had to follow instructions from while they were blindfolded, avoiding obstacles They also spent time Listening (with eyes closed) to as many nature sounds as they can in 3 minutes. A variety of different smells were also put In front of their noses to see if they could identify what it was. 

Henry: I had to use the sense of touch to find my way.

Lydia: and I could hear other people which helped me know the way.

They all had so much fun tonight, time for bed, ready for a busy Thursday! Night night. 

After a busy first day, Year 5 are tucking into their delicious dinner, there are going to be full tummy’s tonight! Leave room for dessert. 

Coby - ‘The food is the best thing so far!’
Charlie A - ‘Flatford is much better than I imagined’

Eva: ‘The vegetarian bolognaise is delicious!’
Lily: ‘I really liked it. I ate everything. I really liked the lemon pudding.’






Bingley Group have spent the afternoon discovering hidden animals around the Flatford centre. They used nets and different smaller equipment to search the different habitats.

Edwards’s Group had a fantastic time pond dipping and identifying the different invertebrates they caught!

The second half of Year 5 have arrived, they all look incredibly excited and can not wait to get started. They have just made their beds and unpacked their bags! 

Year Group Lunch together

The first half of Year 5 have been absolute superstars, they all behaved impeccably and have done White Court proud! Well done Year 5! 

Bingley loved pond dipping! Eddie the eel made an appearance, swimming from America to Flatford. Approx 3 years old caught by Mick, Alfie and Edward

Ennion group enjoying discovering hidden animals

Bingley group are learning about animal classification and trying to make them in their groups. 



Good morning from Flatford. After a very quiet night, everyone needed waking this morning for breakfast. 🥱