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Wonderful Ways We Support

Cultural Capital

At White Court, we are passionate about giving all of our children chance to access cultural opportunities. We promote this each term in 'The White Court Times' newsletter. In the newsletter, you will find links to online interactive tours of museums and galleries, suggestions of games and discussion points to promote speech and language, recipes and links to special events. CLICK HERE to read the newsletters.


Another way we promote cultural capital is by our termly work on Take One Piece. Each term, the whole school looks at a piece of art, a sculpture or a piece of music outside of their curriculum work.  Throughout their time at White Court, the children will be exposed to 21 different pieces (3 per year) extra piece of culture outside of the curriculum. CLICK HERE to view our work on Take One Piece

Aspiration Week


‘If our children don't have aspirations, they don't have anything to bother working towards....’


Research has shown that if children have an idea of what they would like to do from a young age, then they are more likely to try hard in school to achieve this goal. At White Court, we believe it is very important to inspire our children and expose them to a wide range of opportunities, which will in turn encourage them to work hard to achieve their dreams. CLICK HERE to see what we got up to.

Book in a Box

All of our children that are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant receive a monthly book subscription. At White Court, we want to foster a love of reading and the book subscription is the perfect way to encourage this. Each month, the children receive a brand new book, a magazine and a selection of arts and crafts equipment.