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History Days at White Court

Year 5 Maya Day (Spring Term)

On Monday 7th February, our Year 5s had an immersive day exploring Maya culture. They learnt about Maya music, their beliefs and religion, their writing and number system and the five worlds interpreted on the Sun Stone. It was wonderful to see the children's enjoyment at all the interactive activities including playing drums and flutes, dressing in Maya headdresses, playing pok-a-tok (a very difficult game to master) and worshiping Maya gods. In the afternoon, the children helped prepare different Maya dishes including hot chocolate - chilli flavouring optional!

Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 Viking Day took place on  November 9th. Once Viking names had been established and we had greeted each other with a suitable Viking arm shake, pupils eagerly took part in activities developing their understanding of Viking culture. They enjoyed games of Hnefatafl, a type of Viking chess, where the attackers have to outwit the defenders who protect the king. We rolled up our sleeves and tackled Viking bread, kneading a blend of flour and oats and shaping it to be baked. Pupils learnt about the types of food Viking ate, what they hunted, grew and foraged. Did you know Vikings in the northern parts of Scandinavia are occasionally thought to have eaten Polar Bear? Mrs Rolfe- Adams also learnt what an auroch is and when they became extinct. Our Vikings had great fun practicing toga honk, a game of strength and technique to pull you opponent over to your side to win, like tug-of-war. Another area of investigation was how the Vikings moved from trading their goods toward using coins. They learnt about currency from the Anglo-Saxons and quickly realised it was a lot easier to carry! Pupils designed and made their own coin. Finally, we learnt about longhouses and how Vikings were very practical, making homes from natural resources found in their area such as oak or turf. Turf was better at keeping out the cold!  We looked at how to create a timber framed building and pupils used tools to cut the wood. Pupils realised even building a model house is hard work so building a real house must have been very difficult. Those Vikings were very tough!