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White Court School History Intent


At White Court, we want all pupils to experience a rich, diverse education and we value History greatly to create enthusiastic, curious and objective learners. Using the National Curriculum, we have designed our White Court History Curriculum to capture pupils’ imaginations when learning about past human societies and to develop chronological understanding. Throughout their time at White Court, pupils will be encouraged to be confident at posing questions, to interpret and evaluate sources of evidence and to discuss their conclusions and perspectives.  Our focus is to ensure that all pupils progress these key skills, making long term links with what they are learning. 


Key concepts, such as invaders, settlers, trade, tax and empires, will be revisited through different topics. This helps embed pupils’ understanding by building on previous learning, expanding vocabulary and developing a deeper understanding about how events in History have shaped the world today. The analytical thinking skills they develop in History are highly transferable and will aid pupil learning in other curriculum areas, helping to prepare them for their journey through secondary school and beyond.