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Note: some photos/videos are not uploading fully during the day, so please check albums again in the evening to see any photos you may have missed. 

Breakfast and group building photos

Final sticky elbows for crossing the road

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Edward Group - pond dipping

Our final activity today was pond dipping. We began by classifying different animals in our work room and decided whether they were mammals, amphibians, birds or reptiles. 

Once we had practised classifying animals, we went outside and used our bodies to form the shape of various invertebrates. Can you work out whether we are crustaceans, annelids, arachnids, insects or molluscs?


Next, we went out to the pond (outside of Flatford Mill) to have a go at pond dipping. We took it in turns sweeping through the water and then turning out our nets into a tray to find examine our finds. Finally, we took our favourite finds back to the classroom so that we could look at them in more detail underneath a microscope. We learnt how to finetune the microscope to ensure it was in focus, and then we looked carefully at our invertebrates before sketching them and adding labels. 

We loved seeing the sheep with their lambs playing in the fields nearby

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13:20: We’re on our way home! The children have had an amazing time and many have said they don’t want to leave! Many more have said they want to bring their families here to show them their building and the river we walked along. 

See you all at 15:15! ☺️