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Spring 2 and Summer 1

Year 5 have been working on their own group musical compositions inspired by Gustav Holst and his Planet Suite. In Spring 1, they listened to his composition of the planets and dicussed how the music captured the nature of the planet and the Roman god they were named after, such as the joy of Jupiter or the mysteriousness of Neptune. Using a video showing planet Earth's diverse and changing landscapes, pupils used percussion instrument, and planned collaboratively, thinking about the dynamics, texture on pitch of the instruments.

Music Manatees - Made with Clipchamp.mp4

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Music Meerkats - Made with Clipchamp (1).mp4

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Jaguar Music - Made with Clipchamp.mp4

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Moon Phases

We had so much fun in Science today!

Our final lesson in our Space topic saw us exploring the eight phases of the Moon. We used Oreo cookies to show the shape of the Moon at each phase.


This term, we are learning the skills to play tennis. During our first session, we focused on familiarising ourselves with a tennis racket using the forehand technique and we began to rally the ball with our partner. It was great fun - especially as the sun was shining!

World Book Day 2023 - Manatee Class all look amazing!


In Dance, we have had lots of fun choreographing a routine in our groups. As a class, we chose the music and then identified the beat that we would base our moves on. During the course on the term, we adapted and learnt our routines whilst ensuring that we considered the ideas of the entire group.

What do you think? 

Next week, we will evaluate one of the routines as a class.

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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We have such great fun learning a dance routine. Watch the videos to see how cool and funky we are as we work, either in pairs or as a solo! Do you think that you could learn our routine?


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Monday 16th January - We have started our Ancient Maya topic with a bang! Or rather, with flute whistles, a conch shell call and lots of drums! Our Year 5s had the most amazing morning learning an impressive amount of fascinating facts about the Maya civilization. This included Maya food, art, trade, music, their writing and number system and how all of these areas link to their religion and belief system. This has given us a lot to absorb and we are very excited to be taking this learning further by investigating the children's areas of inquiry that they want to delve deeper and learn about this term. There was a wealth of amazing knowledge and questions shared and their enthusiasm was wonderful to witness.


Pupils have really enjoyed learning about Fairtrade. We have learnt how the world is linked through trade and how we have become dependent on goods produced in countries around the equator. We have learnt the vast distance our food travels for produce to reach us, as consumers, in the U.K. We have explored the human impact of Fairtrade minimum wage and Fairtrade Premium and how it benefits communities in Developing Countries who grow our food. Our final celebration of this organisation was to cook using products grown in Fairtrade countries to raise money in a bake sale. Thank you to parents for supporting pupils with their learning and their bake sale.

Play Buddies

It is truly wonderful to see the excitement that the children in Manatees have when they know that they will be visiting their play buddies! Throughout the sessions, the kindness, compassion, enthusiasm and joy oozes from the children as they share books, games and craft activities with their buddies. It is an absolute pleasure to observe the children and of great benefit to all involved as they have gained a new friend that they can say 'hello' to during the school day!


Today, we used digital maps to locate areas in the world that grow and make Fairtrade products. We learnt that many products (e.g. cocoa, bananas and sugar) are grown in countries near to the equator. Ask your children why this is the case and why we are unable to grow these products in the UK.



In class today, we discussed how an individual's behaviour can impact a group.

We were set the task of creating the tallest and most structurally sound tower using only newspaper. Throughout the task, we had lots of fun building our towers and working together.

At the end of the session we decided that these 'golden rules' help to make super team work:

  • When everyone listens to each other
  • Feeling valued
  • Giving praise and encouragement
  • Trusting each other
  • Sharing jobs and taking turns
  • Not leaving anyone out


Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In Science, we completed several mini experiments to find out if the changes that we made were reversible or irreversible. We found that a change is irreversible if it:

  • Gives off gas (you can see bubbles)
  • Changes colour
  • Gives of heat
  • Gives off light

PSHE - We had so much fun learning about the importance of rules! We talked about why we have rules in society - how they keep us safe and ensure that nobody gets hurt. Abiding by rules also ensures that people are treated fairly. In our lesson, we worked in teams to create rules for a game that we had designed. We then got to play them!!!

We had a special treat today, a visit from a theatre production company with 'Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science'. It was brillliantly engaging and entertaining, as well as teaching children about the importance of air quality. We loved the focus on working together to make changes and it has come at the perfect time as we start to discuss Eco Representatives for each class to support White Court in becoming a greener school.

What an amazing time we had building our Anglo Saxon structures! Throughout the afternoon, we worked really hard in our teams to produce high quality structures with intricately detailed interiors. Smiles and a sense of pride filled the classroom as the children relished in their ability to use a range of tools (saws and hot glue guns to name a few) to let their imagination run wild.

Gymnastics - Reflective sequences

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In pairs, we had lots of fun creating and performing sequences where we reflected the movements that our partner made. This is an example of one of our sequences.

Inverted Balances (when the gymnast holds a position upside down) - Shoulder stand and bridges

Gymnastics - Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Routines

Do you recognise any of these vile Vikings?