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6:45. Another good night's sleep. For them I mean obviously. 

A full morning of activities planned followed by an afternoon at the beach with our Rocky Shores adventure. 

Sorry for the lack of updates so far, it's a very busy morning. 

Thursday pics!

Which way is the beach!? 
We found all kinds down at the beach. Apologies I didn't catch everyone in the photos but most people are here:

The final bedtime! Can't believe the week is nearly over. It's been fantastic this year.  Children giving everything a go, even though they were very nervous. 


Some memories from the week which the children know all about (but may not make sense to anyone else...): 

'Clippy clippy' 

Cheeky Chimps Assemble. 

Room 15's Got Talent. 

Riley's 6 pull ups on the Leap of Faith. 

Group 10 trying to get over the wall! 

Showering with socks on! 

The fashion show. 

The 'slug' stuck on the ceiling! 

Being stuck in the bedsheets at 3am. 

Playing 'Throw the random sock'. 

Summoning 'The Boys!' 

Finding the lost sock, like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Year 6 leavers songs in the corridor. 

"Why have you always got your T-shirt off...?"