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Friday 14th June

07:35 Another very good night.
The joy of packing! Actually comes close to the Disco in my eyes.  
Beds stripped, suitcases packed and so far only eleventy billion items of unclaimed clothing that the children have never seen in their lives before… 


That’s not mine, that’s not mine, that’s not mine! 
It has your name in it. 




Breakfast done. Suitcases packed. 
About to line up for our first activity of the day.
Let’s do this! 

Buggy building with Mr Pryke’s group:

Isn’t this just typical...

Mr Pruce’s group have been doing Aeroball:

I spoke too soon...

Miss Castleman’s group on Aeroball:

Buggy building with Miss Bird’s group

Mrs Baker’s group have been abseiling:

Final picnic lunch:

What a group, well done White Court!


This year has been excellent. The children have done themselves (and you) proud! 


We will arrive back to school at approximately  4:15 / 4:30 pm depending on traffic. Our ETA will be updated on blog throughout the journey.

When  we get back we will take all suitcases to the Main Hall and lead all the children in. Every 
child will then be paired with  their suitcase and sit down. Once everyone has their suitcase we will open the office doors and let all of the parents in. As you walk through the hall, your child will stand up and join you as you walk straight through the hall and exit via the Early Years Entrance. This one way system works very well. 

We have just put all the medication in your children’s rucksacks along with a slip of paper that says if your child received any medication during the week. 

Your children will be very tired so please be prepared for this. Some will want to tell you absolutely everything straight away and some will not want to talk about it much as they are shattered. Don't be surprised if they are a little over-emotional (just like some of the staff are...). 


Air con is on the coach and I’m really hoping the children sleep… 

14:14 The singing has started but to be fair it doesn’t actually sound too bad! 

15:05 It’s quiet again! 

Making good progress, still due back at about 16:30. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog, or at least the photos. It’s been a pleasure taking this group away.

See you all shortly.
Mr Pryke 

16:06 Still due a touch before 16:30. 
Please be mindful of where you park especially in Ennerdale Avenue, some years we’ve not been able to get the catch through. 
Thank you.

Current ETA is 16:28