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Tuesday 21st June

07:15 Everyone is up (and has been for a while to be honest...), breakfast is at 07:45. Decisions to made today include fruit for breakfast or a fry up....  It's a tough call. 
First activities of the day include Aeroball, Caving, Orienteering and Jacobs ladder. 
Photos will follow and I'll try to get some quotes too. 

Water bottles full and ready for the day ahead.

Ready for caving!

At the top of Jacob's ladder!

Alfie R:  I'm really exited for the caving as I really like going into small spaces and staying there for a long time. 


Ruby: I loved the Aeroball because I got to jump up and down on the trampolines! 


Jemima:  I'm really excited about the zipwire because I've seen lots of other people do it and now I want to! 

Half of the year group: What time is lunch...?

They're an ok bunch really...

Orienteering winners from Group 19!

20:30 Half the group doing the quiz and the other half doing mini Olympics. 
The spirits are high and a great time is being had by all. 
The weather is amazing, very sunny without the high temperatures of last week.  
Lots of water being drunk and lots of suncream being applied!