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6:50 This morning's agenda includes packing the suitcases, then arguing about who all the spares clothes left in the room belongs to, then unpacking the things from their suitcase that they actually need today, then taking their suitcases to the luggage bay and then sending back the children that also left their rucksack in the luggage bay. 
After that it's breakfast, followed by our final 2 activities, then a picnic lunch before we head back. 
We will share our ETA during the journey back along with what will happen upon our return. 

8:50 Please re-read the first paragraph and put on repeat... 


9:22 Seriously, why am I finding wellies and towels in peoples hands.. just go back to paragraph 1 and stay there until the next update. Group pictures to follow! 

Group 8 about to start Aeroball:

Group 9

Group 10 Leap of Faith

Groups 11 and 12

11:10 Into our final activities and then lunch. 
The next updates will be once we are on our way back with details about our return. 
This year has been an absolute pleasure. The children have done themselves proud! 

13:45 We will arrive back to school at approximately  4:30 pm depending on traffic. Our ETA will be updated on blog throughout the journey.
When  we get back we will take all suitcases to the Main Hall and lead all the children in. Every 
child will then be paired with  their suitcase and sit down. Once everyone has their suitcase we will open the doors and let all of the parents in. As you walk through the hall, your child will stand up and join you as you walk straight through the hall and exit via the Early Years Entrance. This one way system works very well. 

Your children will be very tired so please be prepared for this. Some will want to tell you absolutely everything straight away and some will not want to talk about it much as they are shattered. Don't be surprised if they are a little iover-emotional (just like some of the staff are...). 

This is  currently bliss. Air con on the coach and the children are silent! Happy days.... 



15:21 oh joy, the singing has started... 

15:48 Hitting a bit of congestion so will be a little after 4:30. 

16:01 I'll update once we've got through this congestion. 

16:10 Haven't moved for a little while. Won't be back before 5. 

16:26 Passed the incident and moving again. ETA about 5pm 


ETA currently 5:10pm 


17:45?...and that's a wrap folks. Have a lovely weekend everyone!!