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Spring 1- Explorers

Owls Learning Journey...


Week Commencing 7/2/22



On Wednesday we used our plans from last week to build our junk model rockets! We had so much fun and enjoyed choosing and using a range of materials.  After we made them we  reflected on our plans, what went well and what we could change next time to make it even better. We looked closely at how we joined the rockets together using joins.  Have a look at some of our amazing rockets!



We have been continuing to work on our phase 5 sounds this week. In particular, split digraphs. Please continue to practice reading and writing these sounds at home. You can also use the link below to practice segmenting and blending some words.  


We have a new display in our classroom to help us reap our phase 3 phonemes and identify them in words. 



This week in English we have learnt how to use exclamation marks correctly in our writing. Have a look at some of the super sentences we wrote. We worked very hard to punctuate these correctly and to use our writing checklist throughout.




This week we have been working hard in maths, learning how to subtract numbers within 20 crossing the tens barrier. We did this using practical representations of subtraction stories. We have also been using our knowledge of numbers to 20 to make addition and subtraction fact families. The children even challenged themselves by moving = to the beginning of the number sentence. 



Week Commencing 31/1/22


This week Miss Drury has given out 4 reading certificates! The children are really proud that they have read 130 times for a gold certificate and 80 times for a silver certificate! Keep up the great reading Owl Class. 



This week we tested the materials we chose to make a rocket out of. Over the half term, we have learnt about different properties and the uses each material has. We created a small fire and tested the different materials that were chosen. The fire represented the sun and how a rocket would cope if being close to the sun and being launched into Space. We were very excited to complete our experiment. Take a look at our videos below to see how we tested them


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



This week in Maths we have been continuing to work on addition and subtraction within 20. We have been using first, then and now stories when adding, alongside pictorial representations to support our understanding. We used counters and tens frames. 


We have also been focusing on finding number bonds to 20. We have been been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us to find them. We enjoyed using numicon to recap this as well as our number bond rhyme from the Autumn Term. 


On Wednesday we challenged ourselves with addition sentences, crossing the tens barrier. We found number bonds to 10 first and followed a step by step method to help us make 10 and count on. 



In English we have been focusing on instructions. We followed a set of instructions to make planet jam sandwiches and enjoyed eating them! This helped us to write the instructions at the end of the week as we had first hand experience. We have looked closely at imperative verbs (bossy words) and adverbs and the features that good instructions have!



This week we enjoyed completing our project using the chromebooks! We have been learning to log on using a username and password, using the keyboard to write, follow instructions to open google docs and insert a picture from the web. We even printed them to go into our journals. 





Week Commencing 24/1/22



We have used greater than, less than and equal to signs and words to make comparisons with numbers to 20.

We have been learning to order objects from largest to smallest and smallest too largest. When we were confident in this skill we moved on to numerals. 



We have looked at writing questions and learnt how to use a question mark. We wrote some questions that we wanted to find out about space.

We have started our new topic of instructions and have looked at key features. Next week we will be following instructions to make a planet jam sandwich.




We have started to complete our handwriting in our English books. This has helped our handwriting become more consistent and we are now able to look back at our handwriting lessons during our English lessons. 


We looked at the work 'Several Circles' by Kandinsky and used printing to recreate his work. Do you like our master pieces?


We made spaceship portholes to show what we though you might see in space.



PSHE (Jigsaw)

We discussed life cycles and how animals and humans change throughout their life. We looked at pictures of Miss Drury to see how she had changed and then sorted pictures to show how animals change.



This week we have been talking about materials and using them for a purpose. We used the terminology from last week to help us plan and design a rocket made from a chosen material. We have all chosen a material to test next week that we think will be good in heat! We will be completing an experiment to see if our predictions were correct. 


Week Commencing 17/1/22

This week we have been learning about materials and sorting them into groups based on their properties. Have a look at the groups we sorted them into!



We have used our knowledge of tens and ones from last week to continue working with numbers from 0-20. We have learnt how to find one more and one less of these numbers using practical representations. 



This week in English we have been innovating the story Whatever Next! We chose new characters for Baby Bear and Mummy Bear and we changed the setting. We planned this on our story mountain then wrote 1 or 2 sentences for each picture. We are getting very good at using our checklist to write sentences and have even been challenging ourselves to add in adjectives. 

Have a look at some of our work!


We have been learning our phase 5 phonics following the letters and sound teaching scheme. Please see the below PowerPoint that you can use to recap the phonemes learnt. 

We have covered ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, aw, ue (you) and ue (oo) so far. 


Week Commencing 10/1/22


This week we have loved learning lots of new facts about explorers. Owl class have been researching questions using the internet. All children have come up with different questions throughout the week! 


This weeks questions:

Seamus: Why do astronauts wear white space suits? because the reflect light from the sun!

Sonny: What colour is the sun? Lots of different colours like the rainbow!



This week we have moved onto Place Value to 20. 

We have been looking closely at representing numbers to 20 in a variety of ways. Have a look at some the of ways we have made these numbers practically!



This week we have been focusing on Puzzle Piece 5 of celebrating differences. We have created friendships tokens and learnt the skills of how to make new friends. This has been great to focus upon this week as we welcome Sophia into our classroom. 



Over the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on a journey story- Whatever Next 

If you do not have a copy of the book please see the link below.  


This week we have been learning to sequence the story and understand key parts of a story using a story mountain. Have a look at some of our work this week! 

We have been focusing on writing 1 or 2 sentences per picture for the introduction, problem, solution and ending remembering key punctuation. It has been great to see some adjectives added in too! 

Week Commencing 5/1/22


Owls have had a great start to the Spring Term! They are full on enthusiasm to learn about our new topic 'explorers' and cannot wait to learn about significant explorers in history!



This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We have been focusing on recognising and naming 3D shapes with confidence an identifying and naming them. 

We have been focusing on these shapes...






We have looked closely at their properties. Counting how many faces they have and looked at the link between 2D shapes. For example a pyramid is made up of 2D triangles. 



We have also learnt to sort them into col ours, flat and curved faces, whether they roll or stack and shapes. 



We have recapped our knowledge in our homework this week by going on shape hunts!






This half term we will be focusing on materials! This week we learnt to name and clasify them. We looked for different objects around the classroom and identified.

We have been focusing on;

Metal, Plastic, Wood, Fabric, Paper and Glass




We have started to learn our phase 5 phonics following the letters and sound teaching scheme. Please see the below PowerPoint that you can use to recap the phonemes learnt. 

We have covered ay, ou, ie, ea, ir so far!

Phase 5 Phonics PowerPoint