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08:00 A really good nights sleep, which will help them enjoy the day more. Exciting morning today with many groups completing the high ropes activities such as the Leap of Faith and abseiling. Pictures to follow! 

A few pictures from the first session today.

11:16 It's a beautiful day here in West Runyon. The sun is shining and we're getting through plenty of suncream and finding shade when we can. 

Well done to Miss Castleman's group where 9 of them got a bullseye in archery!! 


My group are now fencing so I daren't turn  my back... 


Sunshine shots!

The whole group!

A classic quote from Rosie "I do like heights, I just don't like jumping off them..." lol 

20:02 Campfire tonight. I love a campfire at sunset. Campfire singalong, not so much...