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Tuesday 11th June

06:45 and all’s well. 
Weather forecast looks interesting for today with all 4 seasons due in one day.  
We are all prepared, with the right equipment, if they can just find it….!

08:20 Bacon, hash browns, beans, scrambled egg, bread, toast, yoghurt, fruit, cereal… and that’s just me! 


08:23 First up today we have low ropes, problem solving, archery, caving and climbing.  Have to take the lows with the highs… 

Photos of the first activity will follow about 10:00 am. 


Mr Pryke’s group: 

Miss Bird’s group

Mrs Baker’s group

Mr Pruce’s group

Miss Castleman’s group

12:42 The sun is out after a morning of short showers.  Hasn’t dampened the spirits though! 

16:30 I’ve added a few pictures above.  
Afternoon is going well.  The sun is still trying to break through but the coastal wind is keeping the temperature down. 

All they talk about is food… it’s constant!  I mean, I get it… 


19:30 Meatball  pasta for dinner, amongst other things. 
Now writing their postcard before we head off to Mini Olympics. 
Some postcards will reach you before the children come back, some will be later and some will never be seen again, but they have all been written. 

20:50 The competition is fierce with everyone giving it their all! A lot of red faces! 


Some quotes from today!!!


Ethan – the climbing wall was tough but I tried my hardest to get up!

Dani – I am enjoying Kingswood a lot, I really enjoyed the climbing and got to the top once and almost to the top a second time.

Elliot – My favourite part of Kingswood so far is probably caving and I especially liked the hide and seek, I won the second round.

Nat – I really liked caving even though I was a bit scared, I found the game at the end really good fun.

Noah – I was scared of doing the climbing wall but I got higher than I thought.

Jack – I thought the caving would be scary but it was actually really fun.

Freddie – My first activity was archery and on my first shot I got a bullseye, I got it 2 times in a row.

Finley – When I first went on the climbing wall I struggled as my fingers kept on slipping, but on the second go I went up really quickly.

Mason – I’m having fun so far and I’m looking forward to the leap of faith tomorrow.

Olivia G – I’ve got over my fear of sleeping with loads of people in the room.

Lucy – I had a fear about going in the caves but I overcame that fear.

Ilana – I overcame the caves because they were quite dark.

Summer – I am really proud of myself because I hit the bullseye in archery.

Jaylee – All the activities are fun, even if you’re scared!

Jessica – I enjoyed rock climbing, I didn’t get as high as I thought but it was still fun.

Sophie – I was scared when I went into the cave but I overcame it.

Mia – I’m kind of happy with myself that I crawled through small spaces in the dark.

Penny – I am proud of myself because I have persevered.

Zara – I am happy with myself because I have done all of the activities!

Maisy – My favourite bit about Kingswood is sharing a room with all my friends.

Olivia D – I have learnt that if you are scared of heights, still do it because you will regret it if you don’t.