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For our most recent Art unit we have been making shadow puppets. Stay tuned for videos of the shadow puppet shows we put on!

11/3/24: we've been learning about fossils and what they can teach us about how animals have evolved. In this lesson we 'excavated' fossils that other member of the class had created last week.

World Book Day!

During World Book day we read our 'Alma' stories to Year 5 by torchlight. Spooooky.

Today (4/3/24) was House Day where we celebrated the authors for which our houses are named.

House captains prepared and delivered assemblies to their houses about their author; they showed great confidence when presenting and were fantatsic role models for the rest of the school.

After break we read an extraxct from Alex Rider to see what gadgets he uses as a teen spy. We then used this to design our own gadgets.

We continued the Alex Rider spy theme in the afternoon when we sent secret messages in three different ways: mirror writing, invisible ink and morse code.

28/2 Geography: Latitude and Longitude. We used atlases and globes to see how we can use latitude and longitude to find locations around the world. We also identified the Prime Meridian, Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Tropic on Capricorn and Antarctic Circle.

27/2 Reading with Year Three: Year 3 returned the favour and read us the stories they had been writing. We were really impressed by their creativity and presentation.

8/2/24: we've used the knowledge we've built up of WW2 during History lessons to write in-depth text books. Today we shared these with Year Three who will be using what they've learnt to answer quiz questions tomorrow.

5/2/24: completed cam toys. We spent the day building (and problem solving!) the mechanism for our toys and then bringing our design to life. I'm sure you'll agree they look amazing!

Cam Toys: we have designed our cam toys (automata) and today was our first day constructing them. We measured where we need to make the hole for our axles and followers to go, we then painted our frames. On Monday, we build!