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7:45 a.m. and all's well. 


What a lovely sunny day to start off the week.  Please put suncream on them before they all arrive (that's a guaranteed way to make it rain...). 


See you all between 9:10 am and 9:20 am approximately. 


We'll be aiming to leave at 9:45 am. 

Nearly ready to leave!

10:05 A big thank you for everyone being on time today, that's a big help. We will give regular updates but this does depend on wifi service and our supervision duties. 

10:28 Seriously... the first 'Are we nearly there yet...?' Thanks Sofia! Think I'm sat in the wrong seat, might have to move.... 

I've  heard 2 of them are already starving!! 

10:34 Safely arrived at Duxford. 

Everyone at Duxford!

Quote of the day so far: 'I thought this was going to be boring but now I don't want to leave!'


13:15. Left Duxford, heading to the Norfolk coast. 

13:48. Oh no, just heard someone say shall we sing wheels on the bus. Please don't... 


14:19. Bad news is we're making slow progress as the traffic is very heavy. The good news is I can listen to this singing for longer!
I might volunteer to actually walk... 


15:40 a few minutes away from Kingswood. The children have been superb. 



I can see the sea!!

We're here!!!

BOOM! We've started. Group 8:

Group 12

Group 11

Group 10

Group 9

19:10 There's nothing like a quiet, sit down dinner.... and THAT was nothing like a quiet sit down dinner!  Feeding time done.
Now time to get ready for the DISCO. In my eyes this rates closely alongside singing on the coach but each to their own! 

More updates to follow. 

20:15 Now we're talking, Rick Astley!

'Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you...'


20:20 Disappointingly followed by It's time to get funky, 2 stomps this time... 


20:23 'Tell me wwhhhyyyyy....!'


20:48 they're only playing the Macarena....

All partied out!

22:15 I'd like to announce that everyone is asleep! I mean I'd like to, but I can't... Soon....


That's all folks! Check back tomorrow!