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Monday 25th April:



21:00 - lights out 

And just like that Day 1 is complete and what a fantastic day Year 5 have had! All the children are tucked up in bed asleep getting a well deserved rest! The children have been so enthusiastic all day and they should be very proud of themselves for what they have achieved! See you bright an early in the morning for some yummy breakfast and then the mammal trap unveiling! 

19:15 - Twilight walk 
Year 5 loved their twilight walk tonight. Before setting off the children learnt how to use other senses other than sight to navigate round an obstacle course. The children had to listen extremely carefully to instructions given to one another. 

‘It’s so nice to be able to see’ said Ben.


After the blindfold challenge the children set off in the woodland areas to see if they could hear and even spot wildlife that starts to appear at twilight. 

18:30 - Dinner time 

I think we can all agree that the children loved their first taste of Flatford food! Pizza and chips is always a favourite! 

A very tasty pizza - Amelie F

17:15 - Small Mammal Trapping

The children have set their traps for the night, hoping to catch some small mammals that live at Flatford. Each group made their trap nice and warm with straw and put some food in their for the animals. Hopefully in the morning some of the traps will be closed, fingers crossed! 

I hope we catch a shrew - Alfie and Ethan


We hope we catch a mouse - Lucy and Annie

15:50 - Bingley Group have been identifying the different animals in grassland and woodland areas. They learnt how the different locations are able to support a variety of wildlife. We were lucky enough to find a Crested Newt. 

Ellie L - I really enjoyed seeing what came off the branches

Mick - I really enjoyed the game as we played with different people but we also learnt about the threats to wildlife.

15:50 -Ennion Group have had so much fun pond dipping this afternoon. The group have loved identifying the different invertebrates in the pond. Later they will use the microscopes to look closely at the animals they have caught. 

Ola - we've found a lot of great creatures in the pond and we learnt how to identify them!

Jonathan - I liked walking into the water, getting dirty and using the key to research what we found.

Jayden - pond dipping was joyful, exciting and intense! Our best find was a large Leech!

15:00pm - Ennion Group are doing some preparation for their pond dipping activity. The children are looking at some of the animals that live in our water ways and the habitats they call home. 



15:00pm - Bingley Group are at the start of their disappearing animals activity. The children are looking at why certain animals use camouflage. They will soon be heading outside to track down some wildlife! 



Orienteering Quotes - 

‘We liked the views and it was a lot of fun. We spotted a mouse on the way.’ RH, ED and AB.


‘I like the wildlife and nature I saw orienteering.’ JK


12:30! Mr Hopgood’s group are the first back, followed by Mrs Brewster’s. Mrs Shambrook unfortunately had the map upside down, luckily her group spotted her mistake, so came back a little later! 

12:05 - Out and about on our orienteering walk, those compass skills last week are coming in handy! 

11:02am - Year 5 have arrived at Flatford! So many excited faces as we spot where John Constable painted The Hay Wain!