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Autumn 1 pictures

This week, we finished our sculptures and displayed them in Maisy's garden.

This week we practically re-enacted the Battle of Britain. we played a round of dodgeball with 'Britain' waiting with their eyes closed. We then played again with our eyes open to demonstrate how the use of radar gave Britain the advantage. By having the early warnings of raids, consequently helped us avoid invasion from Germany.

In week 5, during maths we played an adding/subtracting negative numbers game to apply our learning. We have now started collaging in art. Thinking carefully where to place pieces to create both texture and form to their simple outlined shapes.

This week in science we applied our learning by working in groups to complete a mirror maze challenge. This helped the children understand reflection and how mirrors work.

In week 3, we learnt basic life support: how to conduct a primary survey, how to place an unresponsive casualty, who is breathing normally into the recovery position and CPR awareness.

In week 2, we researched the artist Lubaina Himid. We then explored her artwork and produced visual notes to represent her work and tonal value within her paintings.