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Thursday 13th June

Sorry, posted this in Friday’s blog by mistake:


07:14 and all’s well. 
There’s a few tired eyes but we’re all raring to go. I won’t be able to do any updates while we’re at the beach today but I will upload the photos as soon as we get back. 
Aeroball, abseiling and buggy building fill most of the morning.  

Our accommodation block:

Mr Pryke’s group warming up for Aeroball:

Mrs Baker’s group getting ready for zipwire:

Mr Pruce’s group at the nightline:

Miss Castleman’s at the leap of faith:

Mr Pruce’s and Miss Castleman’s buggy building:

Miss Bird’s group making fire!

There it is folks!

13:53. If I have to open one more ketchup sachet or get asked what time dinner is just once more… 


We’re off to the beach at about 14:20 and then will be out of service until we get back. Pictures will follow!  

Been another great morning! 


Rock Pooling and Beach Football!

Ready to party!!!!

19:55 So, time for the Disco.  I have mixed feelings.  There are so many things I’d rather do, some of them being quite painful.  
However, it has started well with Sweet Caroline.  I feel it can only go downhill from here but we’ll see.
All 77 children are singing (shouting) along, it adds to the atmosphere but also adds to my newly started headache. 
I haven’t actually stepped inside the door yet so here goes… 

20:28. That… wasn’t bad. Can’t beat a bit of ABBA! 

It’s ranking up now. Taylor Swift currently playing! 

8:56 Finishing with Rick Astley!! Never gonna give you up! 
They’ve had a great time! 


22:35 All is quiet. Not quite asleep but all very settled. 
2 more activities tomorrow morning to finish the week. Then lunch before we head home.