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Exception Words

One set of words your child will need to learn is the Statutory Common Exception Words - these are words that do not fit any spelling rule or pattern. To make these lists easier to commit to memory, the words have been split up into individual year groups lists, which have then been allocated to a half term. 


This is to reduce the number of words the children are expected to focus on at one time. This should make it easier for you to manage at home when supporting your child. The idea is that classes will focus on your words for that half term regularly (end of day hangman games, lining up games, quick revision at the start of a lesson, Early Morning Work tasks etc.) to help embed them into the children’s memory.



Your child will be tested on the 8-10 words  allocated to the given half term at 3 points: at the start, somewhere in the middle and at the end, each test taking less than 10 minutes. Any words your child spells correctly will then be highlighted and errors discussed both individually and as a class. This makes it easier for the teacher and children to track which words to continue to focus on in order to try and commit to memory. 


You can ask your child's class tecaher to chare with you the words from previous terms that they still need to focus on after the end of term test, as the whole class will move onto the next half term's words so they can rehearse them together during games and class sessions. 


Please see the document below for the PDF of the Common Exception Words, split into year groups and termly for you to help your child practice at home.