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Spring 2 and Summer 1

Year 5 have been working on their own group musical compositions inspired by Gustav Holst and his Planet Suite. In Spring 1, they listened to his composition of the planets and dicussed how the music captured the nature of the planet and the Roman god they were named after, such as the joy of Jupiter or the mysteriousness of Neptune. Using a video showing planet Earth's diverse and changing landscapes, pupils used percussion instrument, and planned collaboratively, thinking about the dynamics, texture on pitch of the instruments.

Music Meerkats - Made with Clipchamp (1).mp4

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Music Manatees - Made with Clipchamp.mp4

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Jaguar Music - Made with Clipchamp.mp4

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Space Sewing. We had a fantastic afternoon this week with our space sewing. The children (and teachers) loved having some of their grown ups come in to help with sewing. We now have 26 successful pieces of sewing art, which we will share with you next week once they have been bordered.

Go Meerkats! 5 boys from our class won the Year 5 lunchtime competition. A huge congratulations to them #proud

World Book Day. We had an amazing day today, solving mysteries in Maths and learning about Gen Z in Reading. Take a look at our costumes - can you guess who we came as?

Maya Mask-Making Day - 2/2/23. A huge thank you to all our parent helpers this afternoon. The children loved having you all in to help and I think you'll agree that the masks look incredible!


This week, we have finished writing up our biographies about Frida Kahlo. Here are some of our biographies.




We have also been learning how to draw self-portraits. Frida Kahlo was known for her self-portraits and we thought it would be great to create our own. Here are some of our self-portraits so far. Next week, we will be adding a colourful border (in the style of Frida Kahlo). Can you work out whose self-portraits have been uploaded?





Monday 16th January - We have started our Ancient Maya topic with a bang! Or rather, with flute whistles, a conch shell call and lots of drums! Our Year 5s had the most amazing morning learning an impressive amount of fascinating facts about the Maya civilization. This included Maya food, art, trade, music, their writing and number system and how all of these areas link to their religion and belief system. This has given us a lot to absorb and we are very excited to be taking this learning further by investigating the children's areas of inquiry that they want to delve deeper and learn about this term. There was a wealth of amazing knowledge and questions shared and their enthusiasm was wonderful to witness.


Pupils have really enjoyed learning about Fairtrade. We have learnt how the world is linked through trade and how we have become dependent on goods produced in countries around the equator. We have learnt the vast distance our food travels for produce to reach us, as consumers, in the U.K. We have explored the human impact of Fairtrade minimum wage and Fairtrade Premium and how it benefits communities in Developing Countries who grow our food. Our final celebration of this organisation was to cook using products grown in Fairtrade countries to raise money in a bake sale. Thank you to parents for supporting pupils with their learning and their bake sale.

PSHE - team building. Today, we looked at our roles within a group and how working as a team can make us more successful. Our tallest tower was 1.22m! A fantastic team effort, well done Meerkats.

2/11 New fish! We were very excited to come back today and find that our Guppies had had 6 babies. During the day, the children spotted there were more babies swimming around in the tank. After school, Miss Lomas caught the babies and added them to the hatchery. We are currently up to 23 babies with potentially more to come!

18/10 We finished our longhouses this week and they look incredible! The children are very excited to have them out for Parents' Evening so you can see their finished work. Here are some photos of them as well. Can you work out which houses represent the potters, weavers, blacksmiths, Great Hall and hunters?

12th Oct - We had a special treat today, a visit from a theatre production company with 'Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science'. It was brillliantly engaging and entertaining, as well as teaching children about the importance of air quality. We loved the focus on working together to make changes and it has come at the perfect time as we start to discuss Eco Representatives for each class to support White Court in becoming a greener school.

11th Oct - D.T. Viking Longhouse project. Here are a few photos from our project afternoon where we began constructing our longhouses. The children had a fantastic afternoon and loved having some of their grown ups coming in to help them. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project next week!

13th September - Vikings arrive at White Court School