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Summer 2

Here is our Queen! Doesn't she look amazing. We all did our own piece of art and put them together. We think she turned out great.



Can you believe it is Summer 2?


We have had a great week back in school and have started some new learning.


In Science we are starting our topic about Animals including humans.

In our first lesson we looked at grouping different types of living thing. We then looked at whether babies look like their parents. 

Puppies look like dogs but caterpillars don't look like butterflies.

This half term we are learning all about Sculptures. We will be focusing our module of learning around the sculptor Mark Quinn. A British Sculptor who creates things from a range of materials - even bread!


Today we learnt about him and some of his work. We then tried to design a sculpture using sugar cubes and created them with multilink.


                                                                        We had lots of fun!