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Ship Ahoy! (Summer 2)



Sport 4 All athlete visit:

On Monday we had Victoria Orughu visit us, she told us all about her medals and competitions. The children also took part in lots of different fitness activities which they all did really well at!



This week we have learning how to write formal letter and have written a letter to a child from a school in Kenya. The children really enjoyed doing this and were all able to produce some great work.



This week we have been looking at money and recognising different coins and what there value is. The children really enjoyed using the toy money and playing shops with their friends to practise this knowledge. 



We have been looking at what materials we can use to make our pirate boats, ready for junk modelling next week. 


Transition day:

The children have enjoyed another morning with their year 2 teachers. Well done!! 



Rainbow Day

This week we have celebrated pride through rainbow day! We learnt about the artist Gilbert Baker who created the Pride flag in 1978! We learnt about the different colours and their specific meaning.



In the afternoon made different rainbow crafts. Take a look at our pictures!


Transition Day! 

Well done to the children for a fantastic first transition day in their new year 2 classes!  

W/C 20.6.22

This week the children have been busy doing reading, writing and maths assessments. They have all done really well and should be proud of themselves. 



We have been looking at what materials are waterproof. We conducted an experiment with water and a variety of materials to see which one would keep our Pirate dry. The children all enjoyed this activity and guessed that foil and baking paper would be the best material to use.



We have been looking at Braintree as a town and Essex as a county and what the difference is. We have also looked at where Braintree is on a map of the UK and also within Europe. They we all very interested to see how small the UK is compared to the rest of Europe.



We have been using levers to make pirate sliders. The children really enjoyed making their pictures move across the paper. 

Rekenrek, Numicon and Multilink work in maths

Using cones to look at directions and plotting movements in maths

W/C 6.6.22


This has been our first week of the Pirate theme. We have been reading the book The Pirate House and answering questions about the text. The children have been using parts of the story to write descriptive sentences using adjectives and conjunctions.



This week we have been looking at the placement of objects and using the terms, above, below, left and right. We have used practical equipment such as cones and multilink cubes to show this. 



This week we have been looking at materials. We recapped what materials they already knew and then looked at what type of material would be best suited to a shopping bag: paper, plastic or fabric. 



We have looked at coding this week. The class we given the task of making coding instructions for fish, to get them from the start to the end of their fish tank. 



The class have looked at symmetry this week. We have used the Pirate theme to look at how to draw symmetrical pictures of Treasure, Pirates and parts of a Pirate Ship.