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Welcome to our Parent Forum page

We greatly value the support and feedback from our parents and know that working together will help us achieve the best for our children.

we meet every half term to discuss events in school, concerns raised, proposed changes and much much more! Please do join us!


Agenda items for the next parent forum meeting - 10th July 2024 9.10am

Parent forum - 30th April 2024

Thank you to the parents who attended the meeting this morning.

Website - Feedback was positive about the streamlined website and the inclusive of pages on the newsletter

House points - We will be working with the school council to re-launch the houses and rewards for the winning house. Watch this space for further information..

Information for new parents - the members of the parent forum are collating a list of information for parents new to the school to give information about all areas of the school. A google document is being set up for all members to contribute to, this will be shared at the new parent meeting.

Newsletter - the newsletter will include a section for the parent forum each week.

Christmas concert - we will be sharing alternatives to the Christmas concert to ensure parents don't miss out on seeing their children perform in school.


Additional clubs - Mini mindfulness is doing really well! Engineering for kids is coming soon...

Website - pages should be updated every week, please share with Mrs Burrell if you have any questions or concerns about your class page.

Support staff moves - Parents raised that they were unaware of a member of support staff leaving FS. Mrs Burrell explained that support staff are regularly moved based on the needs of the children and in future parents would like a greater understanding of the important role support staff play in school. In addition, if we are aware that staff are leaving prior to their departure we will endeavour to inform parents in a timely manner.

Fundraising - A HUGE thanks to FoWCS for their fundraising efforts for the outdoor classroom! Please can everyone share on their social media platforms.

Lunchtime play - Parents shared that midday staff have told children they cannot play with others outside their year group. Whilst we encourage children to play with others in their year group, they can play with anyone. We try to avoid mixing of year groups to reduce any incidents as we have found in the past that smaller children can be at risk if they join in older children's games.


Next meeting - Wednesday 10th July at 9:10am

Parent Forum Meeting - Tuesday 19th March 2024

Thank you to Helena, Eleanor, Jemma, Amy, Lauren, Kerry, Emma, Kelly and Sharon for attending the meeting with Mrs Tindall.  Mrs Burrell sent her apologies as she was teaching.

The following items were discussed:


The school website was discussed. It was felt that navigation of it was still difficult so this will be reviewed.  It was also felt that some class pages were not updated as regularly as others - the expectation is that there will be a weekly update for each class. It was asked if a search function could be added, that just searched the school website and not google, however this isn’t possible on the platform. It was asked if term dates could be added to the main page for ease of access and this will be changed. It was asked whether a printable version of the school calendar could be made available – these are available on request from the school office.


Feedback for the newsletter was positive. Everyone liked the new layout, and particularly liked the spotlight section. Parents asked if the spotlight could also be used for house points with a focus on children who had earned several that week. Parents liked the FAQ section and had other suggestions. Suggestions included:

-Parents to be made aware that absence could be reported on the Gateway app.

-Parents to be made aware that term dates are available on the Gateway app.

-House points – how do the children earn them etc.


There was lots of feedback regarding clubs.  Many parents were unaware that teachers are giving up their own time as good will to deliver these, but appreciated the time they did give.  Feedback from year groups included parents not being aware that the clubs were now spread out over the week, all clubs information can be found here. Parents would like more sports clubs including netball. They felt that there was a heavy focus on Football. Parents and children were happy with Dodgeball, and a big shout out was given to Christian for his football club. One parent said that her child had been really inspired by Christian. There was a discussion around the structure of the clubs and whether some clubs could have a project/goal in mind for the children to complete.  We also talked about why clubs are not currently offered to KS1 children – this is due to capacity. Parents asked whether a closing date for children choosing clubs was needed, especially if all the spaces hadn’t been taken – teachers have to prepare resources so numbers of children attending was important to know before the club starts.


We have now started to develop our links with the community and events are being planned for the future. Emma has been in touch with Suzanne who organises the Christmas tree festival and they are looking forward to White Court joining in.  Emma will share contact details nearer the time.



  • Parents asked if the extension to the school day will be happening in September. As it is not currently statutory, this change will not be going ahead yet.
  • Parent forum members asked whether it would be useful for them to put together a list of useful information for new parents joining the school, to include information regarding house points, volunteering etc. It was agreed that we would start to put this together at our next meeting.
  • Parents asked if they would be able to have a breakdown of reading levels – coloured bands and numbers/letters so that they can support children at home. The reading team will feedback at the next meeting.
  • We talked about volunteers coming into school. Volunteer days from larger companies was mentioned and we discussed parents using these days to come into school to help. Parents asked if a volunteering tab could be added to the school gateway so they could let the school know when they are available to help – this will be explored.
  • Is there a list of donations that the school currently needs that parents could help with – suggestions included books, art and craft materials etc. Mrs Tindall said that she would investigate this further.
  • Parents asked about the KS2 carol concert for this year. Could an alternative be planned in case of bad weather? Alternative options are being explored.
  • The friendship bench was discussed, and parents felt children were more aware of this. It was asked whether the benches could be decorated to make them more obvious to the children. Ideas for decoration are welcome.
  • One member praised Quiet club and said that it had really helped her child.
  • Parents asked whether children had been reminded in class to add house points to the class pot for homework etc. This has been shared with teachers and will be added to the school newsletter.
  • Members asked whether a link to the parent forum website page could be added to the newsletter. This will be added in the summer term.


Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 30th April at 9.10am

Parent Forum meeting - Tuesday 6th February 2024.


Thank you to Kelly Ambrose, Sharon Urling-Brown, Emma Armstrong, Jemma Staken and Kerry Knowles for attending the meeting with Mrs Burrell, Mrs Tindall (our pastoral lead) and Mrs Burton (Esther out therapeutic mentor). 


The following items were discussed:


School newsletter

A new format was shared and discussed and will be implemented after half term. Mighty Oak awards were discussed and an idea raised to add reasons for some of them. It was highlighted that the information was better presented in a maximum of 4 sides. Dates that change could be highlighted for ease. Parent forum members are seeking feedback from their year groups on the newsletter.


School website

Use of the website was discussed and parents agreed that it was used on occasion but not regularly. Navigation was raised as an area for development as drop down menus are not always clear. Parents would like more 'quick links' on the homepage. Parent forum members are seeking feedback from their year groups on the website.



Uptake on clubs has been low this term and all members were unsure why. The online booking was positive, as were the varying days, times and club types. Parent forum members are seeking feedback from their year groups on clubs and Mrs Burrell will be speaking to the school council.



  • Community links were discussed and Sharon is going to liaise with the parish council and community association to support the school in engaging in a wider variety of community events and activities.
  • The cost of wrap around care was discussed. The school financial regulations do not allow school to 'make money' from parents so breakfast and after school club run at a break even/occasional loss. The legal ratio for childcare in schools is 1 adult to 30 children, however at White Court we operate a much smaller ratio to ensure higher supervision, this is reflected in the cost.
  • The friendship bench was discussed and Mrs Burrell is going to investigate monitors and staff allocated to support.
  • Consistency across classrooms with job share teachers was discussed. Year managers oversee communication, planning and all events - please contact year managers or SLT links for any concerns.
  • House points were discussed and parents raised questions on how they were awarded and what the rewards were. Mrs Burrell will raise with the school council and add further information to a newsletter.
  • Behaviour of children outside of school whilst still in school uniform was discussed and Mrs Burrell took the action to ask teachers to remind the children of proper conduct.
  • Parents raised questions around ways that volunteers can help in school - Mrs Burrell will add information to the newsletter.
  • An agenda will be shared and prepared for the next meeting and a form will be added to the parent forum page.
  • There was some lovely feedback from a parent who shared how happy her children were at the school which was very gratefully received!