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Spring 1 Pictures

During week 6, we learned all about Charles Darwin and how he discovered evolution because of the finches he found on the Galapagos Islands. We experimented with different 'beaks' and different 'foods' to see how they had adapted to survive better in their environment.

In week 5, we completed our CAM cards. We used drills, saws, hot glue guns and cardboard cutters to improve our DT skills. We had to problem solve to make sure our mechanisms worked.

We also read our WW2 textbooks to Year 3. We then sent them a quiz to complete on what we had taught them that they could do back in class.

In week 4, we practised jumping in gymnastics: looking at all the different shapes we can make: star, straight, pike, straddle and tuck.

During week 3, we began our CAM toys by painting our frames. The children loved the creativity they had over their designs.

In history, during week 2, the children used playdough and an old map of Europe from WW2 and learned how the allies took back control of Europe towards the end of the war. They used one colour for the allies in Europe, one colour for the USA and one colour for the Soviet Union.

In week 1, the children started their golf unit in PE. They practised holding the clubs and swinging to hit the golf balls.