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Safer Internet Day 2024 


Safer Internet Day 2024 will take place on Tuesday 6th February 2024, with celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’.


Sessions will focus on change online, this includes covering:

* Young people’s perspective on new and emerging technology

* Using the internet to make change for the better

* The changes young people want to see online

* The things that can influence and change the way young people think, feel and act online and offline


During this day/week, children will be taking part in an activity at school to celebrate. 

Tips for staying safe online:


  • Know how to use the CEOP Button and how to report it to the CEOP Centre if you are concerned about someone’s online behaviour towards you.
  • Only talk to people you know and trust in real life. 
  • Don't give away personal information to strangers, such as where you live or where you go to school. Say 'no' if they ask you to share photos or videos of yourself.
  • Set your profiles to private.
  • Be 'share aware' - once you share something online, you have no control over what anyone else does with it. 
  • If you see something upsetting, or someone bullies you, tell an adult you trust.
  • Don't assume everything you see is true to life. People often make their lives see more exciting online.