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A huge to welcome to our new classes - Year 5 2022-23

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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

17.0522 - Today, we learnt about computer networks. We looked at how information travels in small digital packets from the school's server > the switch > then sent to each classes' network point > finally, to the 'client' (PC or laptop)

10.05.22 Computing today - looking inside a computer helped indentify the different parts as we learnt about each part's name and function.

Science Workshop 10.05.22

As part of Science Week, Year 5s were very lucky to take part in a Science Workshop. The theme was all about climate change and the changes we can make. Each year group was given a different topic to explore, such as clothing, food, and persuading decision makers. Our topic was recycling. We learnt lots of fascinating facts and new information. Did you know that approximately 7 milliion takeaway cups are used each day but only 20,000 of them are recycled? Just recycling one tin can saves enough energy to power a T.V. for 3 hours. We looked at the factory process of how aluminium tin cans are recycled. Working in small teams, we replicated the process using our bodies to be sorting machines, magnets, shredders, furnaces, coolers and rollers. We tested our knowledge with a short quiz and discussed the small changes we can make to prevent climate change. This could include nagging grown-ups to remember to take travel mugs with them and to eat meat-free dinners a few times a week. This helps to reduce harmful gases that build up in the atmosphere and cause global warming as animals such as cows are one of the largest producers of methane gases. 

Science - Living Things

Pupils are very enthusiastic to learn about our Summer Term Science topic, Living Things. Today, we looked at how to classify animals into vertebrate and invertbrate animals. Did you know there are approximately 8.7million species of animal on planet Earth and almost 97% of those species are invertebrates? We learnt about how to sort and classify vertbrate animals by looking at their characteristics, such as if they are warm or cold-blooded, if they lays eggs, if they have fur, feathers or scales. We had lots of discussions about the difference between reptiles and amphibians and whether they live in land, in water or both.   For example, characteristics of a bird is that they have feathers, lay eggs, have wings and are warm blooded. The ability to fly is not a characteristic. This is because not all birds fly. For example, some large birds like ostriches and emus are 'ground-dwelling' and so are peguins. Peguins use their wings ike fins to aid swimming or to help them tummy glide on ice! Finally, we practised our skill playing an animal classification 'Guess Who?' game. 

Music in Spring Term

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Year 5 have really enjoyed composing their own musical compositions inspired by Gustav Holst and his Planet Suite. They tried to capture the nature of their planet such as the joy of Jupiter or the mysteriousness of Neptune. Using percussion instrument, they planned collaboratively, thinkig about the dynamics, texture on pitch of the instruments.


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As part of our Space theme this Spring term, Year 5s designed and created incredible space pictures using several different techniques, including tie-dye and sewing. The children really enjoyed this activity and learning new skills. It was also a great lesson in perserverance, making mistakes, trying again and helping each other. The results were fantastic and they should be very proud of them. Here are just a few examples:

In R.E., Year 5 consolidated their learning by hunting for Easter eggs. They answered a range of questions about the origins of Easter, its meaning and why Christians celebrate this event. The scavenger hunt quiz was a lot of fun!

Year 5 Virtual Reality Space Experience


Year 5 shot into space this morning, travelling the solar system and exploring different planets using virtual reality technology. This was a fantastic way to consolidate the learning that our enthusiastic pupils have worked so hard on this Spring Term. To visually see it happening in-front of them gave pupils a new experience, and for most of them, a chance to use 'VR' for the first time. We also learnt new facts which fired up both our imaginations and our awe at the fascinating solar system. Here are some of their thoughts:



My favourite thing about the virtual reality space session was that we got to view all the planets and the space around them. My favourite planet was Saturn as I felt I learnt a lot more about it, including how its moons travel around its rings creating a sort of road.


It was really fun! I learnt that before we figured out the planets all orbit the Sun, we thought all planets orbited the Earth. I also didn't know we have 5 dwarf planets in our solar system.


It was a really fun way to learn as we could look all around the planet, look at the stars and all the objects around it. I really liked learning more about the moons that orbit the different planets such as one of Saturn's moons which has a massive crater. It must have had a huge object crash into it at some point.



P.E. - Netball Skills 

Year 5 are really enjoying learning netball skills. Today, they worked on ball handling skills, playing catch the apple (tennis ball), passing and catching the ball in teams moving from one side of the court to the other and back in a race and mini-matches. We were looking for accuracy and speed of the ball transitioning from one player to another and team members running into space (and the right direction) to be ready to receive the ball. 

Whole School Art Project


Beginning on 28th February, our Year Fives were very excited to take part in a whole school Art Project, which will be on display in our Main Hall and Library. These pictures show the children using templates to 'pebble', creating a 3D sculpture, gradually building up layers and adding colour with tissue paper. This highly collaborative project required plenty of communication, helping one another, trying new skills and plenty of perseverance. The pupils are very proud of their results which are now transforming our main display areas with all the topics we learn about in school. 

Spring Term - Maya Day!

On Monday 7th February, our Year 5s had an immersive day exploring Maya culture. They learnt about Maya music, their beliefs and religion, their writing and number system and the five worlds interpreted on the Sun Stone. It was wonderful to see the children's enjoyment at all the interactive activities including playing drums and flutes, dressing in Maya headdresses, playing pok-a-tok - a very difficult game to master - and worshiping Maya gods. In the afternoon, the children helped prepare different Maya dishes including hot chocolate (chilli flavouring optional!). 



After a energetic half term of developing their dodgeball skills - a game they truy love - pupils are just discovering netball and have had their first two lessons. We have focused on accurate chest passes, being ready to receive the ball and are beginning to understand footwork. The pupils are very eager to put their new skills to the test in small invasion where they learn to mark and move into space. A fantastic start to netball!


A Practice Drill and Mini Matches!

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Year 5 pupils have been very keen to learn about Fairtrade. We have been learning about the links between European countries, who love their coffee and chocolate, and Developing Countries around the equator who grow and produce many of the products that we consume. Pupils have researched the benefits of Fairtrade, and how they help communities by paying a fair price, have a say in how to spend Fairtrade Premium and help farmers plan for the future. 


Linked to this topic was the important matter of climate change. Pupils were very passionate about world leaders making decisions for our future, during COP26. Climate change causes extreme weather including heat, storms, drought and floods. Producers in Developing Countries are the hardest hit. Each Year 5 pupil wrote a persuasive letter to our Braintree MP asking him to act to prevent against a climate crisis, using their knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change and how Fairtrade helps prevent against this.  Here are some extracts of some of our letters.   


Finally, we celebrated Fairtrade by cooking Fairtrade products!

PSHE - Jigsaw Activities

Each week, the children focus on their personal, social and health education. This week, it was learning about bullying - what it is, what it looks like and feels like and the difference between direct and undirect bullying. One of their favourite aspects of their PSHE lessons is working in teams, often with different children each week. They really enjoy sharing the opinions and views in class and with one another. Today, each group wrote a scenario where bullying was involved. They then created a snakes and ladders game using with positive and negative actions when faced with bullying. Unlucky for those that landed on the snake when so close to finishing! 

Panto Time!


Today, 19th of November, our school was treated to a performance of a favourite pantomime, Aladdin!  Jamie and Lewis from Jaguars thought the pantomime was really good, especially all the memes during the show. Tayla and Lexi thought the funniest part was when all the teachers were made to stand up and dance!

Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 Viking Day took place on  November 9th. Once Viking names had been established and we had greeted each other with a suitable Viking arm shake, pupils eagerly took part in activities developing their understanding of Viking culture. They enjoyed games of Hnefatafl, a type of Viking chess, where the attackers have to outwit the defenders who protect the king. We rolled up our sleeves and tackled Viking bread, kneading a blend of flour and oats and shaping it to be baked. Pupils learnt about the types of food Viking ate, what they hunted, grew and foraged. Did you know Vikings in the northern parts of Scandinavia are occasionally thought to have eaten Polar Bear? Mrs Rolfe- Adams also learnt what an auroch is and when they became extinct. Our Vikings had great fun practicing toga honk, a game of strength and technique to pull you opponent over to your side to win, like tug-of-war. Another area of investigation was how the Vikings moved from trading their goods toward using coins. They learnt about currency from the Anglo-Saxons and quickly realised it was a lot easier to carry! Pupils designed and made their own coins. Finally, we learnt about longhouses and how Vikings were very practical, making homes from natural resources found in their area such as oak or turf. Turf was better at keeping out the cold!  We looked at how to create a timber framed building and pupils used tools to cut the wood. Pupils realised even building a model house is hard work so building a real house must have been very difficult. Those Vikings were very tough!

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