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Friday 24th June

06:57 it's still very quiet! Won't be for long. First job of the day is to pack, then breakfast, then our last 2 activities before lunch, then we head home. 
BANG, just like that the week is over! 

We will arrive back to school between 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm depending on traffic. Our ETA will be on the blog once we have started the journey. 
When we get back we will take all suitcases to the Main Hall and lead all the children in. Every 
child will then collect their suitcase and sit down. Once everyone has their suitcase we will open the doors and let all of the parents in. As you walk through the hall, your child will stand up and join you as you walk straight through the hall and exit via the Early Years Entrance. This one way system has proven to work very well. 

13:40. We have left Kingswood and our ETA is currently 4:30 pm. 

Be warned, your children are very tired and may therefore show small signs of grumpiness! 

More updates will follow. 

15:35. Our ETA still around 4:30 pm 


16:13 Traffic has been kind so far, should be back a couple of minutes earlier. 

17:20 ...and it's time for bed!