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Final Day!

First up was breakfast. Yet again, we had an amazing spread put out for us: cooked breakfast, cereals and toast. 

As you can see, we have many empty plates (and we were only halfway through breakfast), smiling faces and full bellies.

It’s now 09:15 so we are going to set off for our final activities: pond dipping for Bingley group and Disappearing animals for Ennion. 



Bingley Group

To start our activity, we learnt how to classify animals. We sorted pictures of living things into fungi, reptiles, mammals, insects, annalids, amphibians, birds, plants and crustaceans. 

After learning about the different groups, we went outside to see if we could form the shape of each type using only our bodies. Can you guess what animals we were trying to form?


Next, we learnt that some of the animals would be living in the pond outside. Luckily, we had the opportunity to go pond dipping in the main Mill pond. 

Jessica H - pond dipping has been my favourite because we caught a worm. 

Olivia G - I liked going in the water because I liked scooping up the animals. 

Ennion Group

This morning, Ennion group had the chance to go bug hunting. They learnt about the different creatures they may find in each habitat and how to safely and gently catch them. 

Goodbye Flatford!

It is 13:15 and we are all packed onto the coach and have just set off. 


Fin C - I really enjoyed Flatford and doing the mouse trapping, pond dipping and everything! I loved being in Gantry room and going up on the special staircase. 

Amelia L - I really enjoyed seeing all the mammals everyone caught as they were all cute and tiny. 

Imogen S - learning about camouflage and trapping animals was my favourite. 

Jude - it was fun with the teachers as we got to go outside lots and do lots of different walks. 

Phoebe: my favourite activities were mammal trapping and the campfire. I really liked being able to look at the animals we caught and then watch them run off when we let them go. We could see how they moved.

Nat: my favourite thing was the pond dipping as I really enjoyed seeing how many different species were in there.


Elijah: the best part of the activity was catching Freddie the fly!


Holly: foxes poo is the same shape as a fox’s tail!


I hope you’ll all see what an amazing week everyone has had. We are sad to leave but are looking forward to seeing everyone back home. 

And we are home! We’ve just had a biscuit and drink to top up our energy levels and are now stretching our legs on the school field before being picked up at 15:15