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At White Court School, we recognise the ever-changing world that we live in and what role technology plays in this. In the modern world, we are becoming more reliant on using digital skills as a daily part of our lives. Therefore, it is our aim to equip our children with the relevant skills and knowledge that is required to understand the three core areas of Computing (Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy). We do this through teaching 5 units each year: Digital Literacy, Technology in Our Lives, Programming, Multimedia and Data Handling.  The skills in each of these units build on their learning from previous years. They will also complete a project which combines skills from various units.


Digital Literacy

Children learn the importance of good digital citizenship when receiving and sharing data, an awareness of how the 4 C’s (conduct, content, contact and commercial) may affect them as well as empowering them to become more resilient and make positive cultural changes.

Technology in Our Lives

Children learn how technology is used in our lives, both inside and outside of school.  They explore the internet, networks and the World Wide Web and the effect it has on our lives and our future.


Children learn to design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals through a range of activities and gain an understanding of how programming is used within our everyday lives.


Children learn to select, use and combine a variety of software and hardware to design and create a range of programs, systems and content.

Data Handling

Children learn how to use technology purposefully, safely, respectfully and responsibly to communicate about, and collaborate on, digital content.


Children will combine their skills from all 3 strands of Computing (CS, IT & DL) to complete a project within their year group.