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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Year 5 Virtual Reality Space Experience


Year 5 shot into space this morning, travelling the solar system and exploring different planets using virtual reality technology. This was a fantastic way to consolidate the learning that our enthusiatic pupils have worked so hard on this Spring Term. To visually see it happening in-front of them gave pupils a new experience, and for most of them, a chance to use 'VR' for the first time. We also learnt new facts which fired up both our imaginations and our awe at the fascinating solar system. Here are some of their thoughts:



My favourite thing about the virtual reality space session was that we got to view all the planets and the space around them. My favourite planet was Saturn as I felt I learnt a lot more about it, including how its moons travel around its rings creating a sort of road.


It was really fun! I learnt that before we figured out the planets all orbit the Sun, we thought all planets orbited the Earth. I also didn't know we have 5 dwarf planets in our solar system.


It was a really fun way to learn as we could look all around the planet, look at the stars and all the objects around it. I really liked learning more about the moons that orbit the different planets such as one of Saturn's moons which has a massive crater. It must have had a huge object crash into it at some point.

Whole School Art Project

Beginning on 28th February, our Year Fives were very excited to take part in a whole school Art Project, which will be on display in our Main Hall and Library. These pictures show the children using templates to 'pebble', creating a 3D sculpture, gradually building up layers and adding colour with tissue paper. This highly collaborative project required plenty of communication, helping one another, trying new skills and plenty of perseverance. The pupils are very proud of their results which are now transforming our main display areas with all the topics we learn about in school. 

Year 5 - Maya Day!

On Monday 7th February, our Year 5s had an immersive day exploring Maya culture. They learnt about Maya music, their beliefs and religion, their writing and number system and the five worlds interpreted on the Sun Stone. It was wonderful to see the children's enjoyment at all the interactive activities including playing drums and flutes, dressing in Maya headdresses, playing pok-a-tok (a very difficult game to master) and worshiping Maya gods. In the afternoon, the children helped prepare different Maya dishes including hot chocolate - chilli flavouring optional!