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Summer Term 2

We are currently learning to read and spell these Common Exception Words. 


In Science, we drew and described the life cycle of a plant. 


This week, Year 4 came and read us their portal stories. 


We had a wonderful day exploring Chatham Green. 

Rainbow Day - Monday 17th June

Acceptance is my superpower! 


Summer Term 1


We are currently learning to read and spell these Common Exception Words. 

In English, we wrote our own poems about Summer and drafted these onto an outline template of the sun. We published our edited poems in pen. We love how colourful our suns look! 

We have been learning about John Ray in History. We explored where he was born, where he passed away, where he lived and why he was famous. 

During our English lessons, we have started a new unit on shape poetry. These poems are written in the shape of the subject. They include adjectives to describe and may include alliteration and rhyme. 
We read different shape poems and chose our favourite. Can you find any shape poems in books at home or at the library? 

During Computing lessons, we used a tally chart to collect the children's favourite woodland animal. We have used '2Count' and '2Graph' on Purple Mash to present the data as a pictogram and a block graph.  

Spring Term 2

World Book Day 2024

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day. All of the outfits were amazing in Penguin class. 

We enjoyed creating 'Supertatos' focusing with the rest of year 2.


In Geography, we used compass directions North, South, East and West to direct our partner to different locations on a variety of maps.

Spring Term 1

During our Computing lessons, we used a sequence of algorithums to direct the bee to a chosen location. 

During our Computing lessons, we then moved on to coding on Purple Mash. We used a sequence of algotithms to complete challenges such as moving the princess towards the frog and turning the frog into a prince! Afterwards, we created our own fairy tale sequence.  

Autumn Term 1

Week 1

This week we have made some wonderful penguins, discussed our school rules and how to be an amazing bucket filler! 

Week 2

This week we spent an afternoon learning some interesting facts about Roald Dahl. We watched a scene where the BFG was catching dreams. We designed our own dream jars and worked hard to make them look bright and colourful.  

Creating our dream jars

During our maths lessons, we explored the number of tens and ones within a range of numbers. We used this knowledge to make comparisons between different numbers. 

Week 4

This week in Art we have been exploring artists that are inspired by the world around them. We were empowered by their art work that we saw in last weeks lesson and went out into the school environment, collect and re-present in meaningful ways. Take a look at some of our Art work! 



In History, we continued our learning about Florence Nightingale. We made comparisons between hospitals before Florence Nighingale and afterwards. We listened to a Florence Nightingale experience on the Now>Press>Play headphones which we really enjoyed. 

We enjoyed sharing our learning in Year 2 with our parents. Together, we explored different strategies to help us to learn Common Exception Words and digraphs and trigraphs for Phases 3 and 5. 

Week 5

In Computing, we read the story of 'Digiduck and the Magic Castle' and discussed ways to stay safe whilst using the internet. Some of us took turns hotseating the characters of Digiduck and Eagle Owl and answered questions from our friends. 

Week 6

This week, we had a fantastic Florence Nightingale Day. We dressed up and took part in crafting, role playing and detective work to work out which suitcase belonged to which person. We had a wonderful day.   

We looked closely at some Victorian Artefacts and sketched these carefully.