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Note: some photos/videos are not uploading fully during the day, so please check albums again in the evening to see any photos you may have missed. 

After a walk around Flatford, a couple of activities, a Twilight walk and then the excitement of being in a room with their friends, we were all looking forward to breakfast. We had the choice of cereal, toast or cooked breakfast. Some of us had all 3!

Small mammal trapping


After breakfast, we went to the classroom to learn the difference between a mouse, a vole and a shrew. Can you work out which description matches each animal?


a) short nose, small ears, smaller eyes and runs in a straight line

b) long pointy noise, small in size, slower mover

c) big ears, big eyes, long tail and moves in a hopping motion


Once we learnt how to distinguish between the three species, we went outside to check our traps. 

Unfortunately, the birds seem to have got to the traps for Edward’s Group - there was tasty apple and grain inside - so all of their traps were empty. 

However, Constable group were much more successful. 

  • MacKenzie and Olivia-Mai caught a ninja mouse that escaping the night! They did catch a woodlouse called Woody though! 
  • Luke and Theo caught a vole called  Horny.
  • Alina and Macy caught a mouse called Minnie. 
  • Richard and William caught a shrew called Chunky.
  • Freya and Jocelyn caught a mouse called Mousey.
  • Miss Lomas caught a vole called Victor. She is also feeling quite smug as she successfully trapped a small mammal on each half of the week.

Hidden Histories

Today, both groups took part in the ‘Hidden Histories’ activities. The day is split into two halves: a visit to East Bergholt and a range of tasks around Flatford Mill and Valley Farm.

This morning, Constable group did the trip to East Bergholt whilst Edward group went on a scavenger hunt, searching for clues hidden around the site to learn more about John Constable’s life. Then we swapped and completed the other activity in the afternoon. 

Whilst in East Bergholt, each group followed a trail around the village. We learnt about different professions from the Georgian times: a baker, a vicar, a farmhand, a schoolchild, a hatter and a blacksmith.

We also made the most of the recent rain showers and had a splash in the mud and water. The morning group crossed a small overflow channel from the river in the fields, with it covering just the top of their feet. We came back and told the other group it was passable, but little did we know, a few hours later it would be a ‘bit’ deeper….midway up their calves!


The activity back at the Mill involved us following clues to certain locations on site and collecting numbered items. Once we had answered all 5 questions and collected our props, we headed back to our class. We looked at Constable’s painting titled ‘The Haywain’ and had a go at counting how many dogs, ducks, people and horse saddles we can see. There were more than we thought! Then, we acted out a range of scenes that depicted John Constable’s life, from his birth through to his death. 

Finally, we had a nice relaxing time sat by The Millpond, sketching Willy Lott’s cottage (or recreating The Haywain) whilst we took it in turns to pop to the shops and buy something to remember our trip by. 


Constable group’s trip to East Bergholt

Edward’s walk to East Bergholt

Edward group walking through the ‘raging’ river

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Constable’s Hidden Histories

Constable group - scene 1

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Constable group - scene 2

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Constable group - scene 3

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Constable group - scene 4

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Constable group - scene 5

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Dinner tonight was sausage, mash and veg followed by apple crumble and custard.


Wow! What a brilliant final night. Singing campfire songs, drinking hot chocolate with (optional) marshmallows and whipped cream, solving riddles and playing games. Led by two of our fab Flatford tutors Simon and Sam. 

A snippet of the pirate song

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After an amazing campfire it was time for showers. This group wanted to show off their beautiful shower caps on our blog!