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Autumn 1 Pictures

In week 1, we learned about growth mindset and how we reflect on our learning. The children were asked to complete a tricky tangram in a time limit and had to persevere and think about their methods in order to succeed.

In week 2, the children learned about Lubaina Himid and creatively produced what they had found out into their sketch books as visual notes.

In week 3, Chimps learned about what to do in an emergency and how to give basic life support including CPR.

During Week 4, the children began to enlarge their chimp silhouettes using the grid method. Although some found it tricky, they persevered and the drawings are beginning to take shape. We also looked at mirrors in Science and applied our learning when reflecting light around a mirror maze.

In Week 5, the children conducted an experiment in Science. Looking at how the size of shadows changes depending on distance from light source.

We also played a game during Maths to deepen our understanding of adding and subtracting negative numbers using emojis and a number line.

In week 6, we learned all about the 'Battle of Britain' and how we stopped an invasion from Germany by using radar to identify when the Luftwaffe were crossing the English Channel. During the lesson, we went outside and reenacted an attack using dodgeballs as bombs.

In Week 6-7 the children completed their Chimp masterpieces. We then went outside and filmed them amongst the trees. We hope you enjoy!

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