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Last week, we wrote poems all about summer. Today we turned them into our very own summer shape poems!


This week, we have started a new unit on shape poems. These are poems that are written in the shape of the poem's subject. Today, we explored some different shape poems. We worked out what they were describing and chose our favourites.


Robins showed me what incredible artists they are again this week! We are still focusing on architecture, this time looking at an artist called Hundertwasser from Austria. He was well-known for his colourful buildings, as well as wanting to avoid using straight lines! Robins had to zoom in on three parts of one of the buildings. They all drew and coloured in absolutely beautifully :) 


This week, we have been looking at microhabitats. We took a trip to Maisie's Garden to look under logs, in piles of leaves and under bushes to see what insects and plants we could find. We came back and made a list, drawing some fantastic pictures. We had lots of fun spotting millipedes, ladybirds, worms and beetles!


This week, we started a new unit of work looking at architecture. We were set challenges which included drawing without taking our pencil off of the paper and only drawing with straight lines.

Can you work out the famous building we were drawing? smiley



The children have had a super afternoon searching for different websites using a Chromebook! They used their mouse skills and practiced carefully typing in the different websites into the search bar. 


Over the last few weeks we have been exploring the work of artists that use a range of unusual materials to create their artwork. We have had a go at collecting and constructing some of our own works of art using objects we found the in the school forest area. 

Florence Nightingale Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed our History Off the Page day which focused on the life of Florence Nightingale. They enjoyed creating a range of different objects which Florence would have used during her time as a nurse before taking part in an exploration task where they looked at a number of artefacts to figure out who the items in a suitcase belonged to. Finally, the children took part in role play by acting as soldiers, nurses, gardeners, cleaners and chefs.