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Spring 2 pictures

Lights, Camera, Action! we performed our shadow puppet shows - amazing. We also had a task to help our understanding on trade and how trade industries (industrial, agricultural and services) can affect economies. We also discussed multinational companies and how they can have both a positive and a negative impact on society.

Week 4, we finished making our puppets in preparation for our shadow puppet show!

Week 3, to explore how fossils can teach us about the past - in groups using clay we made impression fossils. Then we excavated another groups fossil and discussed what we could see and what that tells us about the creature.

Week 2, We all dressed up and enjoyed World Book Day! We also read our Alma stories to Year 5, to add suspense and tension we read them under torch light.

Week 1, we went and listened to the year 3's read us their stories that they had written. We were very impressed with the content and their handwriting! In geography we used our knowledge of longitude and latitude to locate countries.