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In Art and Science, we sketched some different flowers and plants. 

In Computing, we used 2Graph on Purple Mash to create our own block diagrams. We chose the topic and entered the numbers into the table and then we generated the chart. 

To celebrate King Charles 3rd's coronation we created some artwork. We thought about different things which related to the King, his family, the UK and London. 

Summer 2023

In Science we learnt about hygiene and the importance of washing our hands. We used glitter (to act like germs) to investigate what works best when cleaning our hands. We discovered soap and water work best. 

Building Bridges

Music and Computing 

We have been exploring, editing and combining sounds on 2sequence. We created our own melodies. 

World Book Day Art

We followed a Draw with Rob tutorial and designed our own bookmarks. Can you spot any book characters? 

We made one using card. 

World Book Day 2023

Florence Nightingale Day

We had lots of fun learning about Florence Nightingale. In the morning, we helped prepare for the trip to Scutari hospital and made diaries, medals to sell, pill boxes and candle holder. After break we looked at some suitcases which didn't have a label. We worked out the owner by looking for clues in the contents. In afternoon, we had different jobs in the hospital. Some were nurses, wounded soldiers and cooks. 


We have been exploring 2Go on Purple Mash. We selected instructions to make different icons move. 


As part of our work on Florence Nightingale, we talked about why she was called the Lady of the Lamp. We made our own paper lanterns. 

We have been planning and writing our own stories this week. The character in the story lost something special to them and had to go on a search to find it. Mrs Collins is very proud of our writing. Well done Hummingbird class!


We read the story Alan's Big, Scary Teeth at the start of the unit.



Spring Term

In Computing, we had great fun programming the Beebots. We used commands to make them move and we used an attachment so the Beebot could draw on paper. 

Autumn Term (second half)

In English, we have been reading poems and we enjoyed planning and writing our own poem about Autumn. We have copied our poems up and are going to make a class book. 

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

As part of our History curriculum, we talked about Guy Fawkes and the reason people remember the 5th November. Using chalk and pastels, we created a picture. We drew a city skyline and some of us included some of the London landmarks. 

Remembrance Day 

11th November 

On Friday we talked about Remembrance Day and the significance of wearing a poppy. We created our own artwork. 

Children in Need and Art

In Art, we learnt about the artist Yayoi Kusama and looked at some of her artwork. She is known for using dots in her artwork. We created our own Pudsey Bears in her style. We used paint and cotton buds. 

Autumn Term

Bucket Filling - We talked about feeling everyone's buckets by using kind words and actions.

Reading Time

We had lots of fun exploring the non-fiction books. We used the contents page to locate key information. 

Forest School

We have had lots of fun in our Forest School sessions. We have worked together as a team, used berries to dye material and made conker friends. We have also played games and spent some time thinking about our emotions. 

Phonics/Spelling Event

PE - Football


We worked in groups to make a poster to show examples of our learning charter. We talked about respecting others, listening to what everyone has to say, taking turns and treating everyone fairly. We also talked about rewards and consequences. 

More fun at Forest school

Northern Lights by Hummingbird Class

Science - Exploring how materials can be changed