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A huge to welcome to our new classes - Year 5 2022-23

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Our first butterfly 🦋

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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Year 5 had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's Jubilee on Thursday afternoon. We played games, enjoyed eating a special celebration cake and played traditional sports on the school field.



Music - Recorders

We have had so much fun playing the recorder. So far, we have learnt the notes B, A and G and several songs that contain these notes.

Caterpillar Bye Bye played by Manatees

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PE - Indoor Games

Today, it rained!! But oh what fun we had! 

We were given cones and a tennis ball and were told to create a game with a scoring system. Each group designed and played a different game. 



In Geography, we have been learning about compasses. We had lots of fun designing a treasure map for other children in our class to follow. In order to make our maps accurate, we needed to locate North using a compass and then direct the children - using the cardinal and inter-cardinal compass points - to the treasure. We used a metre stick to measure the distances.

Space Sewing

We have been creating a space scene out of fabric. During each stage, we have learnt many new skills, e.g tie dying, threading needles, tying knots, sewing but most of resilience!

We have lots of fun and they will look great when they are finished!

RE - Easter Egg Hunt

What fun we had today! 

To finish our RE topic, we went out onto the school field for an Easter egg hunt. Each egg was numbered and we had to answer the question linked to our learning this term. Not only was it fun but we got to work with a partner and run around!!!

After the event, the children evaluated the activity.

Hollie said: " I really enjoyed this activity and this is a fun way of learning!"

Josh wrote: "I enjoyed it because it was nice to go outside and run about. Also, me and my partner were one of the first back!"


Now that the days are getting warmer, we hope to get outside a lot more for our learning!!

Year 5 Virtual Reality Space Experience


Year 5 shot into space this morning, travelling the solar system and exploring different planets using virtual reality technology. This was a fantastic way to consolidate the learning that our enthusiatic pupils have worked so hard on this Spring Term. To visually see it happening in-front of them gave pupils a new experience, and for most of them, a chance to use 'VR' for the first time. We also learnt new facts which fired up both our imaginations and our awe at the fascinating solar system. Here are some of their thoughts:



My favourite thing about the virtual reality space session was that we got to view all the planets and the space around them. My favourite planet was Saturn as I felt I learnt a lot more about it, including how its moons travel around its rings creating a sort of road.


It was really fun! I learnt that before we figured out the planets all orbit the Sun, we thought all planets orbited the Earth. I also didn't know we have 5 dwarf planets in our solar system.


It was a really fun way to learn as we could look all around the planet, look at the stars and all the objects around it. I really liked learning more about the moons that orbit the different planets such as one of Saturn's moons which has a massive crater. It must have had a huge object crash into it at some point.

RE - Christian Crosses Around the World

For our final session with Sheena, we learnt about the Mexican cross. We learnt that the Ojo de Dios, which represents 'Joy', is given to a newborn baby in Mexico. When the baby is born, the centre of 'the eye' is created using coloured wool and on each birthday a further piece is added until the child is five. The Ojo de Dios is given to protect the child.


It took us a while to get to grips with weaving the thread onto the cross but we soon got the hang of it! Although this was the case, we had lots of fun and our final pieces looked great!

PE - Netball

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning the skills needed to play netball with Christian. So far, we have learnt about the different methods of throwing a ball, how to shoot a goal, how to land and pivot when we catch a ball and most of all how to attack and defend when playing mini games. When we play the mini games, we are working effectively as a team - ensuring that each player is included and that we follow the rules.
Although it is a fast game and we are working our bodies really hard during the sessions, we are having lots of fun! Mrs Sawtell and Mrs Greely are reliving their youth by joining us on the pitch too! 

Art Event - Art Solutions

23rd February 2022

RE - Crosses Around The World 

Today, Sheena came in to Year 5 to begin a three week course where we will learn about Crosses from around the world.

Week 1 - The Australian Cross

The Australian Cross represents 'Unity'. The Aboriginal culture in Australia is very communal, living together as a large group of people sharing everything and supporting each other.

Aboriginal artwork is very distinctive with its curved lines, concentric circles (circles within circles) and dots, in limited colours. On their Cross, they often use the dots to represent individual people, the circles for sacred or special place and the curved lines to show the range of feeling from pain and sadness to joy and peace.

We decorated our cross with Aboriginal symbols after discussing their meaning and what they represent.


Take a look at the crosses that we produced and chat about:

Who our dots represent?

Where are our special places?



Year 5 Maya Day!

On Monday 7th February, our Year 5s had an immersive day exploring Maya culture. They learnt about Maya music, their beliefs and religion, their writing and number system and the five worlds interpreted on the Sun Stone. It was wonderful to see the children's enjoyment at all the interactive activities including playing drums and flutes, dressing in Maya headdresses, playing pok-a-tok (a very difficult game to master) and worshiping Maya gods. In the afternoon, the children helped prepare different Maya dishes including hot chocolate - chilli flavouring optional!

Fun with Fractions!

Adding Fractions within 1

Today, we had lots of fun completing our work on large pieces of paper with a partner. We had the opportunity to talk about the questions and strategies that we could use to solve the problems. It felt great to record our work in a more relaxed manner.


This week, we were learning about bullying. The children have learnt about the differences between direct and indirect  types of bullying and have begun to offer a range of strategies to help themselves and others. During the session, the children worked in groups to create a 'Snakes and Ladders' game based on a range of bullying scenarios. The children then identified possible reactions to the bullying scenarios - positive responses resulted in a ladder climb and negative responses saw them sliding down a snake!

The children had lots of fun playing the games that they created!


Direct bullying - when bullying is done directly to the person.

Indirect bullying - when bullying is done behind someone's back.

It's beginning to get festive at White Court! We had lots of fun and laughter watching Aladdin.

Viking Day Fun

Mrs Greely Teacher Profile