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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Bronze Pride Inclusion Award

Rainbow Day

Rainbow day!


To celebrate PRIDE month we will be having a rainbow day on Thursday 17th June. The children will be learning the significance of PRIDE and will be celebrating differences, challenging gender stereotypes (there are no ‘boys jobs’ and ‘girls jobs’ we can be whoever we want to be!) and celebrating significant figures in history who were LGBTQ+ ie Marsha P Johnson, Alan Turing, Billie Jean King, Nicola Adams, Carol Ann Duffy. They will also be reading stories that share different families and friendships that fits perfectly with our whole school ethos that we are all one big family embracing our differences.


What is Pride?


Pride is a feeling of honour and self-respect. 

It is the feeling of being worthwhile. 

It is having self-esteem. 

We can all feel pride by expressing ourselves in a way that makes us happy or makes us feel beautiful, or a way that feels right in our hearts.

Simply put, self-expression is the art of being yourself, always.

Self-expression has no limits.

You can be who you are no matter your age, race, orientation, identify, gender, financial status, class, disabilities or abilities.

You can like rap music or pop music.

You can have long or short hair. You can wear dresses or shorts. 

There is no right or wrong way to be yourself. 


Written by Desmond Is Amazing



Tie Dye Rainbow Pride T-shirts donated by FOWC

Rainbow Pride Flags

Rainbow Fun in Nursery

Unique Fingerprints

EYFS Rainbow Day!

Pupils views about Rainbow Day

'Pride Day at school made us happy because we are celebrating people and their differences. Everyone should feel special and we think Pride makes people feel more confident and cheerful to be who they are. We feel happy and proud that our school celebrated it as I didn’t think we would. We loved learning about the new words, particularly diversity. We learnt to be accepting of others and that everyone deserves love. It doesn’t matter about your age, race, gender, religion or disability. Everyone should feel loved. We would really like to celebrate it again next year.'

By Gracie  and Harry 


'I have learnt that we should all be our self, being different is good.' 


'I think it is very important to celebrate Pride Month in schools so that young people can grow up to learn that being part of LGBTQ+ is totally normal and that being yourself never goes out of fashion.' By Sophia


'I am unique and special.' 


'It was fun and a nice way to show Pride with the rainbow colours.' By Sienna


'It is important that teaches teach children about Pride or LGBTQ+ so children learn that it is ok to be gay or LGBTQ+. What is important is that you love who you are.'  By Amelia


'I have learnt that we are all different and special. Rainbow Day has been the best day ever!'


'I think everyone should support LGBTQ+ and should be taught about it because people should have equal rights. We made colourful butterflies to show our support and learn more about it.' By Patrick.


'We are all equal no matter what.'


Parents thoughts about Rainbow day

'I think the idea is wonderful and I whole heartedly trust that your staff will deliver child appropriate lessons on how to be tolerant and celebrate the diversity of our real world. In fact I’m really proud that our school have that vision, making all the children prepared to be non-judgemental for life outside of the classroom. 

A massive thank you for tackling a taboo subject and getting the children (and parents) to talk.' 

'Both myself and his Dad are really impressed and excited about the Pride day you have arranged for tomorrow. We very much support and champion inclusivity within our family and feel that it is an important part of all childrens’ lives and education to understand other people’s lived experiences and celebrate different forms of love in our beautiful society. We think it’s a great idea to have this as part of the school curriculum.'


'I just wanted to say how amazing and important I think this is and to thank you and  White Court for promoting this message of acceptance and pride. It is so important and will, I am sure, have a really positive affect on the mental health of the children and on their ability to accept themselves and others.'


Educate and Celebrate Pride Inclusion Award

This year, we’ve got the brilliant opportunity to be involved in the ‘Educate and Celebrate’ Programme, which aims to ‘transform schools and organisations into LGBTQ+ friendly places, creating a safe environment for staff, students, governors and parents to thrive and achieve, enabling everyone to be themselves without fear of discrimination.’ 

We are working closely with Dr Elly Barnes MBE to achieve our first Inclusion Award. 


‘Educating through the curriculum is key to creating an enlightened environment where we can begin to build cohesive communities with social justice at its core. On the other side of fear lies freedom’ Dr Elly Barnes MBE.


At White Court we believe that all pupils have an equal right to develop and achieve their potential. Equality of opportunity underpins the school curriculum and the work of the school. We aim for every pupil to fulfil their potential no matter what!

Our School is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families.


Educate and Celebrates values include:

  • Empower

    We EMPOWER others to address the social injustices that exist.

  • Knowledgeable

    We are KNOWLEDGEABLE on current legal developments and best practice

  • Open-Eyes

    We OPEN-EYES and provide transformational insights that motivate others to join our vision for inclusion

  • Reassuring

    We are REASSURING and provide a safe space for open discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Confident

    We are CONFIDENT to have perceived difficult conversations

  • Support

    We SUPPORT schools through the change process

Educate & Celebrate Building Cohesive Communities - Elly Barnes CEO

At White Court School we respect each other's.....

Love Has No Labels - Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse Families

We celebrate diverse families often through stories as this creates a safe platform for children to develop an understanding of diversity. Emphasing what they have in common is important, while one child might have two biological parents, another might be adopted, have a single parent, or same sex parents. Either way, it's love and support that makes a family. 

How many families?

Celebrating Differences

We believe that being different from one another is something which should be celebrated and respected.

Gender Equality

We believe that regardless of your gender everyone should be treated equally, have the same rights and have the same opportunities to succeed in school and in life. 


Equality for all

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at White Court

We are 'United against bullying!'

Monday 16th November was Odd Socks Day! It was an opportunity for children and adults to express themselves, celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

Odd Sock Day!