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Autumn 2 pictures

This week, we applied our knowledge of circuits to create an alarm system to defer 'Burglar Bill'. They could chose from a security light, an alarm or a motor. They also had to work out how to close their circuit and which conductor would work best for their design.

This week, during music we explored a variety of musical instruments.

Disco Dance

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This week, we explored mark making and how different strokes and marks can represent different emotions. Our new unit for PE is yoga. Our first lesson we explored the routine Sun Salutation Story, transitioning between poses such as cobra and plank.

This week, we were visited by Gridserve to talk about sustainable energy and we were able to look around a Tesla. During our science lesson we create simple circuits and applied our knowledge of electrical symbols to illustrate our circuits.

Week 3, our parent event! We showcased our musical and dancing talents. We also discovered which arch structures survived and could withstand 'bombs' dropping on them. We had an amazing day when we were transported back to the 1940's for our WW2 day.

Week 2, we explored different arch structures in preparation for our DT shelter building. We experimented by placing cubes on a structure without an arch. This was reinforced with more layers to observe if it was able to withstand more weight. The experiment was then repeated with the addition of an arch. We were amazed as to how many blocks it could hold - one group measured 56 blocks! We have also been practising hard in music, ready to show off our musical skills next week.

Week 1, we learnt about the Blitz and major cities that were bombed during the bombing raid on 14th November 1940. We used a atlas to accurately locate and label the cites that were affected in England and Wales.